Heli-Kit News #65, 28-Nov-99

1. ZTS Plastyk have released a 1:72 UH-1B Iroquois, using a mould from Starfix. Anyone know which one the Starfix is a copy of ?

2. The recently released reboxing of the 1:48 Hasegawa Sea King, the UH-3H 'VIP Transport' comes with markings for HSL-51 152704 / TA, COMSEVENTHFLT. The right side of the fuselage has been reworked so that you can cut out the UH-3H's distinctive large window, and you get an extra bag of white metal parts, plus the large window itself, which is tinted greenish blue.

3. The first helicopter book in the 'Warbird Tech' series will be on the AH-56 Cheyenne. Written by Tony Landis and Dennis Jenkins, it's due for publication in March, but Tony says it could be earlier. It's already listed and illustrated at Amazon.

4. Following the news that Extratech are working on the SO.1221 Djinn, we understand they are now also working on an SA.315 Lama, also in 1:72, and they are optimistically hoping to get it out in time for St. Nick to deliver it to a chimney near you.

5. Minicraft have now re-released all three of the 1:48 Blackhawks originally sold under the Academy label, that's: Minicraft say if you can't get them locally, email or call (USA) 800-322-3692.

6. FCM of Brazil plan to release resin conversions to make the Brazilian Lynx and Dauphin/Pantera. The Dauphin/Pantera Conversion has applications to many other Dauphin/Panther variants, including the Irish Air Corps and the French Aeronavale. Both sets are illustrated at FCM.

7. Joe Maxwell has posted a picture of the Delta Aviation Publishing resin Alouette III floats for use with the Heller 1:72 kit, including the sheet of etched brass details. They will be available under the 'Whirlybits' label early in 2000.

8. There's a 1:50 card model of the HEMS / Virgin Dauphin available for download. All you have to do is print it out onto card stock, and you're on your way.

9. The Revell H-21 #4447 includes the following options: 83+07 is preserved in the Hubschraubermuseum at Bückeburg.

In addition, the Italeri version of the H-21, #007, includes: The markings for LA+122 include the 1.LRettVerbStff unit emblem, an Edelweiss flower. Note that WG03 does not appear to have ever had the faired undercarriage struts, and as Revell don't provide the un-faired struts in their version, you need the Italeri plastic to build this one.


Revell do provide both styles of tailplane end-plate, although they seem confused about which to use for which option. According to the excellent book on the German H-21 / V-43 / V-44 in the 'F-40' series of publications, which includes pictures of virtually every one of the German-built aircraft, WG01 to WG22 had the end-plates with the top and bottom edges inclined towards each other, while WG23 to WG32 had the endplates with the top and bottom edges parallel.

Thanks to Petr Zaoral, Tony Landis, Keith Walker, Matt Bacon, and Joe Maxwell.