Heli-Kit News #64, 21-Nov-99

1. Possible plans for next year's Italeri AB.204B are that it will include markings for a Swedish HKP.3 (splinter camouflage), Koninklijk Marine (extra dark sea grey over sky), and Italian Air Force SAR (green & orange). These plans may change. I understand they are aware of the implications of these choices in terms of tail-boom length, rotor chord & diameter, etc.

2. The latest issue of World Air Power Journal, #39 Winter 1999, includes: 3. The Revell version (#4447) of Italeri's H-21 is now available. The boxart shows markings for the third Weserflug V-43 with its second serial 'LA+122' as carried in service with the Luftwaffe SAR & liason Squadron - 1.LRuVSt (Luftrettungs und Verbindungsstaffel). Colours for this should be Gelboliv RAL6014 with orange bands and large pale blue SAR lettering.

4. Some rumours just won't go away, and the evidence for the one suggested in HKN #31 and HKN #33 just keeps getting better. I will say no more.

CAF SAR Cormorant

5. Coming sometime from Ciro Models (#C-003) is their third version of the Mi-8 using the KP kit as its basis. This will be the Mi-9 Hip-G Airborne Command Post. Externally this appears to be distinguished only by a set of 'hockey stick' antennae under the fuselage and tailboom, but no doubt a fully detailed resin interior will be included.

Previous Mi-8 kit-plus-conversions from Ciro have been the Mi-8 PPA Hip-J (#C-001) with its distinctive cross-dipole antenna array, and the Mi-17Z-2 AWACS (#C-002) with a pair of huge kettledrum-like canisters on each side. Ciro also make a rather nice 8-piece resin 24V Starter Cart (1:72 #C-101, 1:48 #C-604) suitable for use with Mi-1, 2, 4 & 8.

Ciro will also be releasing an 'Mi-8 detail set', (#C-004) but the contents of this are not known. Ciro Models, Alšova 13, Znojmo, 669-02, Czech Republic.

6. Eduard are releasing a couple of new items to go with the recent Hasegawa AH-1S Cobra. These are a revised etched brass set #72-318, and Canopy and Wheel Paint Masks #XS027.

7. Hasegawa have re-issued their 1:72 AH-64D Longbow kit #ET3, it's now being listed for Nov-99 at Hobbylink Japan.

8. The Hawkeye Models Australia range of resin conversions and decals will soon be available in the UK from The Aviation Workshop. In addition to the products listed in HKN #37 and HKN #41, one recent release has been decals for the Australian Army's new low-vis CH-47D Chinooks.

The Aviation Workshop has also embarked on a series of 1:72 conversions and decals including, in no particular order of priority: 9. Here's some serious food for thought. John Wilkes writes:

"I am a modeller of 1:32 scale modern aircraft and I am scratch building a Sikorsky SH-60B. I thought that it would be interesting to let you know where I am starting from. I found that there are several Eastern European companies who produce 1:33 1/3 scale card models at very reasonable prices. Having taken a long good look at several of them, I considered the possibilities of reproducing them in plastic card. All it took was to scale up the original kit from the card model on a normal photocopier by 104% to make it 1:32 scale. So far I have in the space of two days made the frame of the Seahawk from 30-thou plastic card superglued together. The result is a very strong construction and with some minor modifications I am well on my way to producing the Royal Australian Navy Tiger Squadron commemorative colour scheme bird." (see picture in HKN #37, and also those at the Nato Tiger Squadrons SIG).

"I am now skinning the frame with a mix of 10-thou plastic card and 5-thou aluminium printer's plate. For any of your readers interested in having a go, there are many other interesting subjects out there in card. Take a look at Scheuer & Strüver. I ordered two models from them and they arrived about 10 days later, I also bought the Hind for a future project! Not bad considering the price of the two was less than £20."

(HKN's Scheuer & Strüver tip: select English version, hit the shopping cart button, then enter 'helicopter' in the Search dialog).

Thanks to Luca Beato, Gary Madgwick, John Wilkes, and 'Tiefe Kehle'.