Heli-Kit News #62, 08-Nov-99

1. I've had a look at Revell's new 1:72 Mi-28N, and compared it with their existing Mi-28N, #4489.

The sprues are of course pretty similar, but close examination reveals a lot of material differences. Revell do seem to have made a significant effort here. The fuselage halves and engine housing have been re-shaped as required and completely re-engraved, including a feature I've personally never experienced before - recessed rivets. A new set of main rotor blades with swept-tips is provided, and the offset-x tail rotor is now moulded in two parts to give the correct separation. There's an extensive selection of new lumps, bumps, and other fairings, including the mast-mounted radar & IR seeker, plus a new transparent part which is the window of the nose-mounted Zenit TV/FLIR system.

The weapons load of Schturm (AT-6 'Spiral') ATM's and UB-20 rocket pods remains the same, as, unfortunately, does the absence of instrument panel detail, still only provided in decal form.

The all-new decal sheet is a great improvement. It has markings for the prototype, coded white 014, including Mil OKB logos and red stars with superimposed Russian flags. As usual I have serious doubt's about the paint mixes suggested for the two main camoflage colours.

2. Cobra Company's website has been updated with pictures of the new 1:48 Mi-24 Hind exterior detail set (48-018) for the Monogram kit, (companion to their interior set 48-001).

3. The planned AB.204B conversion from AviaColor is almost ready, except for the snow skids, while the AB.204ASW is waiting for reference about cockpit details.

4. Fancy having decals made on an Alps printer to your own design ? Take a look at Alpsdecals.

Aside from making them for you at VERY reasonable prices, Alpsdecals offer a ready-made alternative to the REGA scheme for the lovely new Revell A.109, namely an Italian Protezione Civile (Civil Defence) A.109K2, I-DPCJ.

5. Go to the IPMS Italy website for a step-by-step look at the building of Marco Pisani's Agusta S-61 / HH-3F Pelican that made such an impression at the IPMS UK Nationals. Did I say Pepsi ? Whoops, should have been Coke !

6. Airwaves will be producing an updated detail set for the Westland Sea King HC4, including the latest style box filters / FOD's. This will be in both 1:72 and 1:48 scale.

Thanks to Gary Madgwick & Luca Beato.