Heli-Kit News #59, 17-Oct-99

1. The decal booklet 'Polish Military Helicopters' from InTech (HKN #53) includes the following information:

"INTECH is pleased to announce their new mould kit of PZL Mi-2 which will have it's debut in early autumn 1999. Three boxes for different versions will be released: PZL Mi-2T (transport), PZL Mi-2 URN equipped with MARS missiles, and PZL Mi2 URP-G with GAD missiles and anti-tank MALUTKA missiles."

"Also, in early 2000 new model of PZL W-3 helicopter of SOKOL, W-3RM Anakonda and armed W-3W versions will be released. Both kits in 1/72 scale."

InTech's address is: InTech-2, ul. K.Zemaitisa 12, 30-252, Krakow, Poland.

2. Daco Decals have discontinued their Belgian Air Force Sea King decal sheets D4823 and D7223, and released a revised sheet covering all Belgian AF Sea Kings, including stencilling, #7248. There's no indication at present of a new sheet in 1:48.

Thanks to Pawel Okulski.