Heli-Kit News #58, 12-Oct-99

1. The Cobra Company Mi-24 exterior detail set in 1:48th scale is now available. The set consists of 2 exhaust suppressors and adapters, 2 supports, 2 body mounted chaff/flare dispensers, and the IR jammer lamp and its mount. Price in the US is $14.95 USD and it can be ordered direct from Cobra Company.

Coming soon from Cobra Co. will be a full 1:48 conversion/detail set for the Mi-24 Hind-F. Also coming soon will be 3 different weapons sets and their mounting hardware.

2. Airwaves have announced the release of a pair of stunning (resin, white metal and etch) conversion sets for the Airfix Sea Lynx, priced at 23.99 each: 3. Squadron are advertising the 1:48 Special Hobby Fl-265 #48004, but there is doubt as to whether they have any in stock yet.

4. The Delta Aviation Publishing 1:72 radar set/depth charges for the HKP 4 (KV-107) should be ready in time for the UK IPMS Nationals.

5. Harper Collins have published a new book called 'Airfix', by Arthur Ward, ISBN: 0004723279. This is a hardcover book of 192 pages timed to coincide with the 50th anniversary of Airfix in 1999. You can read all about it at The Interesting Aeroplane Co.

It is hoped that Arthur Ward will be signing copies of the book at the IPMS (UK) Nationals, where Airfix will be putting on a special display ** which will include the 1:1 scale 'Little Nellie' **.

The book is otherwise available from Amazon UK at 20% discount.

6. Unicraft have released a kit of the Baumgartl "Heliofly III" German Backpack Helicopter, available in both 1:72 ($7) and 1:35 ($15). This creature was released earlier this year in 1:72 by Kora under the title 'German WWII Helicopter Bag', along with the Heliofly I (HKN #42). Presumably they are different moulds.

7. The Luchtvaart Hobby Shop are advertising a book 'Vrtulniky : Atlas vojenske techniky' (Encyclopaedia of Helicopters) by Zdobinsky Micha, price 29.95 Dutch Guilders.

Also at Luchtvaart is the new 1:72 Revell Agusta A109 K2, kit #4448, as well as another incarnation of the old 1:32 MBB Bo-105, this time labelled Bo-105 PAH 'Hornisse'.

8. Here's the official contents of the decal sheet in Hasegawa's #00035 AH-64A Apache 'Special Markings' (which you will see closely matches the suggestions of HKN's detective force, HKN #52 & HKN #53: Thanks to Chris Miller (Cobra Co.), Pete Tasker, Jonathan Mock, and Tony Morgan.