Heli-Kit News #57, 04-Oct-99

1. Model Art decals have released sheet #72032 which includes an Aeronavale S-58/HSS-1 as well as a number of fixed-wing items (Gannet, Sea Otter, Thunderjet, Mustang, Bloch 174, Loire 130, and an Alpha Jet).

2. The October 1999 issue of Scale Aircraft Modelling includes a 1:48 RAF Sea King HAR.3 conversion article.

3. The Australian company Ron's Resins have released a number of 1:72 sets for the Wessex. Ron's full listing of helo-products is: 4. In the October issue of Internet Modeler, Chris Banyai-Riepl reviews the Special Hobby 1:72 Hiller UH-12 #72017, including pictures of the plastic sprue, resin parts, and decal sheet. In the same issue, Richard Marmo's Scaleworld looks at the 1:48 Italeri OH-13/AB-47 in its float-equipped USCG version, kit #859.

5. The new 1:48 Paul Cornu (1907) tandem-rotor helicopter kit from AJP Maquettes is illustrated in the October 1999 issue of Scale Aviation Modelling International. I understand that its actual release will be at the UK IPMS Nats at the end of October. The quoted price is 450FF, or very roughly 45. It looks like a combination of brass, white metal and resin.

Paul Cornu Helicopter, 1907

6. Paul Boyer, Senior Editor of FineScale Modeler magazine, said this week on rec.models.scale: "I think you will see the H-19/S-55 family start next year from Italeri". It remains to be seen whether this is a scoop, or merely divine inspiration.

7. If you are looking for USAF, USN, USMC, or US Army fonts for PC or Mac, go here.

8. The latest boxing of the Hasegawa 1:48 Sea King has been released in Japan. This is listed as a UH-3H VIP Transporter, kit #09316. UH-3H's are redundant SH-3H's with most of the mission equipment stripped out. A few in VIP configuration have a larger window in the cargo door, such as 152704 (HSL-51) assigned to COMSEVENTHFLT, but I have no idea what markings or modifications are supplied in the kit.

9. Also listed as coming soon from Hasegawa is yet another 1:72 SH-60B Seahawk, kit #00042. This time it's equipped with an AGM-119B, which is the US designation for a Grumman version of the IR-homing Penguin Mk.2 ASM from Kongsberg of Norway.

Thanks to Drew Graham, Tony Morgan, and Pete Tasker.