Heli-Kit News #56, 27-Sep-99

1. There's a 1:72 vacform Yak-24 available in Moscow, maker unknown, which looks quite reasonable in quality, but I can't tell you how to get hold of one, unfortunately.

Vac Yak

2. For some nice pictures of a model of an (imaginary) SH-64N (NOTAR) 'Sea Apache' and the Eagle's Talon Bell XV-3, go to Antony Morgan's Model Heli-Roto-Gyro-Page

3. The new Dutch Decal sheet #72040 has at least five different schemes for Netherlands MBB Bo-105's from 298 & 299 Sqns, UN and IFOR, plus Harvards and Tiger Moths.

4. Rotorcraft will have several new 1:72 resin conversions available at the IPMS UK Nats at the end of October, including Seasprite, Wessex HAS.3, Wessex HU.5, & Wessex prototype. I believe the Wessex sets will correct the deficiencies in the Italeri/Revell kits, particularly with respect to the shape of the nose.

5. Rainbow Ten are listing re-issues of the 1:72 Fujimi H-46/KV-107 kits, among others, adding to the previously published list of re-issues (HKN #44) 6. Hannants now have re-issues of the following Seminar kits: They also have originals of at least one of these on their clearance sale list!

7. Special Hobby's Sikorsky R-4B #48002 is now available, following on from their highly acclaimed Mi-1. I quote from NKR:

"Another former MPM 1:72 kit has 'grown' into a 1:48 Special Hobby kit. There's just one sprue of 48 short run injection parts (with fine detail, but with some flash), a one piece vac formed 'shell' from which the windows and clear nose sections have to be cut, a decal sheet with markings for three USAAF aircraft, and a bag of resin parts, including wheels and cockpit details. Fortunately, there is a lot in the cockpit (seat belts are moulded onto the resin seats) so you won't have to worry about all the 'glass' exposing a 'void'. The rotor is well detailed, but assembly of it, and of the complex landing gear struts, will require care... however, the biggest problem for builders will be successfully joining the two vac form nose halves without having the joint line stand out like 'you know what'!"

8. Also now available is MPM's 'Upgraded' S-51 / HO3S-1 #72126. NKR again:

"This was always a good kit and now with the inclusion of a resin cockpit and winch, it's even better. There are just 9 resin parts, but these consist of the cockpit 'tub', seats, instrument panels, control stick, the winch, hook and support arm. The rest of the kit is the same as before ... one sprue of fairly cleanly moulded short run injection parts with fine engraved and raised detail. All the clear parts are supplied as three vac formed 'shells', while the decal sheet has markings for a U.S. Marines and a U.S. Navy HO3S-1."

9. Daco have announced decal sheet #7248, 'Sea King Belgian Data'. No more details known at present.

10. Eduard canopy and wheel paint mask set XF014 will be for the 1:48 Academy AH-64.

11. Polygon's epic account of the Kamov OKB (375 pages) is now available from Tushino Aviapress for US$49. If you want to find out what a Ka-30 or a Ka-36 looked like, you had better be quick because Kamov have bought up most of the print-run themselves. Linden Hill might have a very few copies.

Thanks to Yevgeny Borissov, Andy Andrus, Colin Burgess, and Tony Morgan.