Heli-Kit News #54, 14-Sep-99

1. Part have released an etched brass detail set for the Italeri H-21, item #72-099. Also from Part is a set (#72-097) for the Toko Nieuport 11 Bebe, though how much of this would be relevant for a conversion of the Bebe to a Berliner helicopter is not known.

Mr. Berliner gets off the ground

2. The Squadron/Signal H-60 Walk-Around is now available. The book is 80 pages, half of them in colour, including 12 colour profiles. Coverage includes the UH-60A, UH-60L, MH-60G, SH-60B, SH-60F, and HH-60J.

3. A Hasegawa SH-60B with new HSL-51 low-vis markings is now on sale in the US, this is not the same as the recently issued new red-tail Seahawk kit.

4. Eduard have released etched brass set #48292 for the Italeri UH-1D.

5. Revell have released their new 1:72 kit of the Mi-28N Havoc, #4400.

6. The Autumn/Fall 1999 issue of World Air Power Journal contains the following: * 10 page Briefing on the Kawasaki OH-1 * 32 page Variant Analysis on the CH-47 Chinook plus a selection of other heli-related items including an Air Power Analysis on Australia. Indispensible as usual.

The next issue is listed as including part one of a Lynx Variant Briefing, among other interesting sounding items.

Thanks to Krzysztof Kowalewski and Tony Morgan.