Heli-Kit News #53, 5-Sep-99

1. Cobra Company tell me that their 1:48 Mi-24 exterior detail set rumoured last week is fact. The masters are 99% finished and production will be starting soon. Included are exhaust suppressors, RHAW antennas, disco light and mount, fixed fuselage landing light, chaff and flare dispensers and various other bits. A Hind-F conversion complete with cockpit set is also coming, as are a couple of weapons loads of various rocket packs and gun pods. These items should be out by Christmas.

2. 'Army Aviation in Vietnam 1961 - 1963' (HKN last week) has 124 pages, 50 color photos, 150 black and white photos, 30 insignia in color, and additional maps and diagrams. Price in the US is $24.95 plus $4.95 post & packing. Order from: The Huey Company, Inc., P.O. Box 625, Mahwah, NJ 07446, USA. Distributor in the UK will be Midland Counties Publications.

The book is part of a projected 12-volume series on Army aviation in Vietnam. Wayne Mutza will be co-authoring some of the follow-up volumes with Ralph Young. Ralph will be doing the next volume, and then they will collaborate on the next five in the series.

3. A couple of months ago Eduard came out with an new injection moulded 1:72nd scale Perforated Steel Plate display base, #7701. It's great for Vietnam and Korea vintage displays, and is also very cheap. It measures out at 160 x 224 mm, and is detailed enough to be convincing without overpowering the model displayed upon it.

In 1:48 scale, Landing Zone have gone one better, producing both a Vietnam PSP base 280 x 380 mm (#48003) and also a Vietnam revetment (#48004).

4. Revell have released #4452, their Heeresflieger version of the 1:48 Italeri UH-1D.

5. Crecy Publications have combined with Scale Aviation Modeller International to offer a special deal on their reprinted Pilot's Notes series. These are copied from the original Air Ministry documents, and each title includes 'clear photographs of the cockpit interior, with instrument panels and both sidewalls usually shown'.

Unfortunately there is only one rotary subject in the 56 issues listed, the Bristol Sycamore. Their Whirlwind is the fixed wing variety. You also get a free sectional drawing from a choice of Spitfire Mk.II, Autocar, Beaufighter II, Lincoln, Lancaster I, and Tiger Moth (your choice).

Cost is 3.95 per issue, all single orders are sent post free, multiple orders charged 95p. Payment by Mastercard / Visa accepted. Order from: SAMI Readers Offer, Crecy Publishing Ltd., Unit 1a, Ringway Trading Estate, Shadowmoss Road, Manchester M22 5LH, England U.K.

6. The September edition of Internet Modeler includes a well illustrated review of the 1:48 Mi-1 Hare from Special Hobby, written by Chris Banyai-Riepl.

7. Intech have released a new book and decal sheet covering Polskie Smiglowce Wojskowe / Polish Military Helicopters.

The book is a limited edition (800 copies), A4, 24 pages of text in Polish and English, with monochrome paint scheme drawings and colour and monochrome photographs, details of emblems, and side drawings. The price in Poland is 48 zlotys, about 8 or $13. Included are markings for: 9. In latest issue of the Polish magazine 'Modelarz' there are two A4 pages of plans of Poland's newest helicopter, the PZL SW-4.

10. Top Gun have confirmed that their next release, at the beginning of next year, will be the PZL Kania.

11. The new Hasegawa 1:72 AH-64A Apache 'Special Markings' #00035 has now been released in Japan, so the speculation on the markings will soon be resolved. Meantime, HKN's army of detectives have come up with the following interpretation of the scanned decal sheet seen at Hobbylink Japan: 12. This should set the pulse racing.....there has been talk in toy newsgroups that Hasbro are going to release an AH-6J in 1/6th scale as a "G.I.Joe" accessory. Joe is available as a Delta Force trooper, so the AH-6 fits in perfectly.

Thanks to Sherman Collings and Chris Miller at Cobra Co., John Hairell, Tony Morgan, Gordon Erickson, Pawel Okulski, and Troy Wandio.