Heli-Kit News #50, 15-Aug-99

1. Italeri released their 1:48 scale OH-13 / AB-47 Coast Guard kit #859 last week. As far as I can tell from the outside of the box this is the same as the OH-13S Sioux kit #857 but with a set of floats added. The front of the box shows a red/orange USCG machine, while the back shows an Italian Air Force AB-47G-3 (brown & green camo), and a US Army OH-13S (orange and OD).

2. Airlife Books are now on the Internet. Airlife are the publishers of 'Airlife's Helicopters & Rotorcraft, a directory of world manufacturers and their aircraft', by Rod Simpson, which is far and away the most used book in my library.

3. The IPMS Uruguay decals (HKN #47) can be obtained direct from Tomás Tirado. The cost for each set airmailed to Europe is US$8.00. You can send cash. The address is: Tomás E. Tirado, Av. Oscar Gestido M13 S2, Solymar, Ciudad de la Costa, 15005 Canelones - Uruguay.

4. M Hobby magazine 3/99 is now available. Following on from the Ka-15 article in issue 1/99, the latest issue has a major feature on the Ka-18, with excellent scale plans by Polygon's Alexei Mikheev. It is available from Linden Hill or Tushino Aviapress.

5. The forthcoming Squadron / Signal UH-60 walkaround has been written by Rich Dann. At Rich Dann's Aviation World he says:

"This book was a natural for me. As a Navy helicopter pilot, I flew the SH-60B Seahawk for 5 years, with the high point being my participation in Operation DESERT SHIELD/STORM from 21 August 1990 to 5 March 1991. I flew 50 missions during the conflict and earned the Air Medal (1 Strike/Flight)."

"Obtaining information on the Seahawk was no problem, but it was a different matter finding stuff on UH-60 variants. I knew few Army people, and the ones that did help were tremendous! This book was completed in April, 1998 and will be published in September of 1999."

"I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this book does well. It is the first helicopter Walk Around. We shall see!"

6. Rainbow Ten of Japan are listing a new 1:48 UH-1N from Heller, kit #80413, with 'Special Forces' (whose ?) markings. I believe this is a re-box of the Italeri 212/UH-1N plastic which was new in November '97.

Thanks to Tomás Tirado, Guy Holroyd, and Tony Morgan.