Heli-Kit News #48, 01-Aug-99

1. The IPMS Uruguay decals (HKN last week) are also available from FCM Decals of Brazil, who appear to be the actual printers.

The picture gallery at the FCM website contains a good set of pictures of the Uruguayan Wessex featured on the decal sheet.

2. The Halo Decal sheets featuring the Australian Bell UH-1 and Bell 47 are due in the shops there in the next week or so.

3. Hot on the heels of their H-21 Shawnee, the 1:72 Italeri AS 532 Super Cougar is now available, #096. Decals are included for Switzerland, France, Netherlands and the German Bundesgrenzschutz (these last not mentioned on the box).

4. Coming later this year from Hasegawa are a 1:72 AH-64A with special markings and the 1:48 UH-3H VIP Transport which I wrongly listed as released last week.

5. There's a promising new line of products from Italy, starting with resin conversions to make Bell Hueys into their Agusta Bell equivalents. Note that at this time none of these AviaColor products are ready for release, although good progress is being made on both sets 72902 and 72903.

6. CW Lam features models of Chinese and Iraqi aircraft, including many helicopters.

7. There's a comprehensive review of the Belcher Bits 1:48 S-51 / Dragonfly at the IPMS USA FAA SIG. There are some nice pictures of FAA subjects at this site, but no helicopters in the model gallery. Let's put that right!

Thanks to Drew Graham, Guy Holroyd, Lam Chun Wing, Tony Morgan, and Luca Beato.