Heli-Kit News #47, 25-Jul-99

1. I haven't seen them yet myself, but reported first impressions of the SA355N and AS555F kits from Miku Models are that these are excellent kits. The fuselage is cast in two halves and cut outs will be needed in order to fit the vacform windows.

The address for Miku Model is: Martin Hlavaty, J. Palacha 156, Kutna Hora, 284 01, Czech Republic.

2. The address for Owl 13th, source of the Buccaneer S-58T conversion illustrated in HKN #45, is: Owl 13th Shop, 2220/1 Phaholyothin Road, Lardyao Chatujak, Bangkok 10900, Thailand. Tel: 9401281. You could write or phone to encourage them to get it re-issued.

3. Squadron/Signal have a new Walk-Around on the UH-60 Blackhawk due out in August/September, #5519.

4. Here's a quick review from a reliable source of the Red Roo Kiowa book (HKN #45): "Superbly packed and it is absolutely tremendous. The intro on the inside front cover says that each issue in the series is limited to 300 copies. It includes virtually everything you could ever want to know about the Kiowa in Aussie service. Seriously impressed, hope they do more featuring choppers."

5. Cutting Edge have issued a series of 1:48 canopy / wheel masks which they call BlackMagic. The following sets for helicopters are listed at Meteor Productions. 1:72 masks are also listed but there are none for helicopters. Meteor say that between 30-100 new sets will be added each month.

6. Colin Burgess has written to say that the new Rotorcraft products listed earlier this year (HKN #27) are still alive, if somewhat delayed by external pressures. Casting of the Wessex HAS.3 sets is imminent. The Oryx, Alouette III, etc, will be closer to the end of this year.

7. You can read a review of the new Smer 1:48 Avro 504K at the Model Heli-Roto-Gyro-Page. Why ? Because it's subtitled "a starting point for Cierva autogyro conversions".

8. The long awaited IPMS Uruguay Decals are now available. 9. Coming soon from Eduard is etched set 48-292 for the Revell UH-1D. They have also leapt onto the canopy-mask bandwagon with a set for the 1:72 Academy Apache, item #012.

10. Coming soonish from Special Hobby in 1:48 will be #4804, a resin Flettner Fl.265V1.

11. Czech Master have issued a resin set for the Italeri Bell H-13, #7019

12. Hasegawa have re-issued their 1:48 Sea King in a new version 'UH-3H VIP Transport', #09316.

13. Another new release is a 1:72 resin PZL W-3A Sokol from Legato (who I haven't heard of before), #00372.

Items 9 through 13 above are all from Hannants database which seems to have got itself into a bit of a tangle at the moment. There may be more details or pictures there once it's sorted out.

Thanks to Joe Maxwell, John McGregor, Pete Tasker, Colin Burgess, and Tony Morgan.