Heli-Kit News #46, 18-Jul-99

1. After five months with the printer (Propagteam), Max Decals sheet Max 7204 is available at last. Entitled 'International Alouette III's plus Irish Air Corps Update', this sheet caters for no fewer than 19 different Alouette schemes. The numbers in brackets are an approximate count of how many decals there are for each: In addition, you get the following to go with the decals on Max 7201: The decal printing is of the highest quality with almost perfect colour registration and much fine detail. Previous experience with Propagteam / Maxdecals suggests that they will be very thin and that some extra care will be needed in handling and floating them into position, but that once in place they will conform exceptionally well with any underlying detail while remaining fully opaque to any underlying paint colour.

The decal placement and paint-scheme instructions provided are printed in monochrome, but full colour versions and a scan of the sheet itself are available at Max Decals.

Several references are given for each of the schemes provided. I have added a few extra....

An Exultation of Larks

The instructions state that the decals are designed for the Heller Alouette III kit #80289, but kits #80203, #80225 or #80286 would do just as well. Note that all four of these Heller kits contain two different engine options, the Artouste III for the SA.316, and the Astazou XIV for the SA.319. The drawings in the decal instructions all show the outline of an SA.316, but at least one of the options provided (the Greek Navy PN04) is actually an SA.319B, so you will need to check your references carefully for this, as well as for aerial fit and other details.

In HKN #26 it was reported that Delta Aviation Publishing were working on a float set for the Alouette III which would be timed to coincide with the release of Max 7204, but I have no further news of this at present.

2. The IPMS Israel magazine 'KNE-MIDA' has recently published comprehensive articles on the Bell 212 'Anafa' (13 pages in Issue #29, Sept'98) and the SA.321 Super Frelon (14 pages in Issue #30, May'99) in IDF/AF service. Although the main text is in Hebrew, the articles are copiously illustrated with high quality colour and monochrome photographs, including interior shots, plus detail drawings and a double-page spread of colour paint & marking schemes. The text captions for the photos and other illustrations are in both English and Hebrew.

Issue #30 also has a 5-page article about modelling the AH-1G Cobra, but there is no English text in this.

For information about obtaining back issues, write to "KNE-MIDA" IPMS Israel Magazine, P.O.Box 6513, Tel-Aviv, ISRAEL. There may also be very limited stocks at the Aviation Bookshop in London (44)-171-2723630 (ask for Simon Watson).

3. You can read an interesting and erudite 'compare and contrast' between the new Sky-High Ka-25 and its Airfix equivalent at Antony Morgan's Model Heli-Roto-Gyro-Page.

At the same site you will find a comprehensive review of the Interavia Agusta A-129. The sub-title of this piece "... or, when is a Mongoose just a weasel?" should give you a general idea of Tony's assessment!

And don't forget to look at all the lovely model photos while you're there.

Thanks to Joe Maxwell, Giora Kuhanov, Ra'anan Weiss, and Tony Morgan.