Heli-Kit News #44, 4-Jul-99

1. The Special Hobby 1:72 Hiller UH-12(H-23) #72017 has been released. This report has been shamelessly lifted from NKR:

"Very similar kit design to the Hughes TH-55A, released by Special Hobby a couple of months ago. The Hiller kit consists of one sprue of 'limited run' injection moulded parts, which cover the basic airframe, rotor blades and landing skids. Two vac form sheets take care of the clear 'bubble' nose and doors, while all the engine and interior detail is included in a bag of resin parts (and the detail in these is superb...the engine and cabin are miniature master pieces!). The decal sheet has markings for three aircraft...U.S. Army, Fleet Air Arm and the U.S. Air National Guard. The instruction booklet has full step by step assembly diagrams and interior paint colours, but fails to mention the need to cut out the areas in the clear bubble nose, to fit the two doors!"

Likewise the Special Hobby 1:48 Mil Mi-1 #48001:

"The 1:72 Mi-1 was one of the first injection moulded kits released by MPM...this is vastly superior...and surprisingly large, even considering the fact it is 1:48 scale. There's just the one sprue of 'limited run' injection moulded parts (with very fine engraved panel lines), along with a bag of resin cockpit details, a vac form clear nose section and canopy and a set of Propagteam decals with markings for five aircraft (East German A/F early, East German A/F late, Czech A/F, Czech 'SVAZARM' and Soviet DOSAAF'). Being a rather basic looking helicopter, there is not all that much to the main airframe, but the cockpit/cabin area is really well done, with virtually everything you would find in the real aircraft, represented! The kit also includes two side mounted fuel tanks."

2. Hasegawa have issued a limited-release variation of their 1:72 Blackhawk kit, with parts and decals to duplicate a JGSDF UH-60JA. You can see the boxart at Hobbylink Japan.

3. The Sky-High 1:72 Ka-25C (HKN #41) is now available from GP Model & Hobby, who say "the moulds are nice, recessed panel lines, decal quality is acceptable", and also from Tushino Aviapress. Both sites have pictures of the boxart.

4. FCM Decals from Brazil have issued two new sheets, 72-011 & 48-011, both of which include the IH-1 (Agusta Bell 47G) "Sakura" and the Westland Wasp Mk.I.
Marinha do Brasil UH-2 Wasp

5. What's happening with the Italeri 1999 release schedule? The following were supposed to have been released a month or more ago, but there's no sign of them yet. Information from a Testors rep. in the US suggests that we're not going to see any of them until August at the earliest. The reason for the delay is not known. 6. Latest news on the on/off status of the Fujimi range of helicopter kits comes from Scale Aviation Modelling International, who now report that the following have been re-issued in new boxes (which are illustrated in the magazine): 7. Readers of SAMI may also have noticed a small-ad asking for details of a resin S-58T nose conversion for the Italeri H-34 kit, made by 'Buccaneer'. The originator of the enquiry tells me that he saw the item advertised in a modelling magazine in Thailand. If anyone out there knows anything more about this item, please let me know.

8. Here's a quick look from Tish of the new 1:32 Revell Alouette II #4449:

"The kit comes in same size box as the original (Alouette II) with a new painting on the top, the photos now on the box side are of the finished kit as opposed to the pictures of the real thing on the previous offering."

"The main sprues are identical, still grey and green, but the clear sprue is now in a sealed bag. There are two extra sprues carrying 58 extra parts in darkish blue plastic. Here you will find parts for the wheeled undercarriage and the fold-back winch."

"The instruction sheet now runs to twenty pages, 51 build stages (1-9 cockpit, 10-24 u/c and boom/chassis, 25-29 rotor head, 30-31 collective/cyclic rods/tail rotor drive, 32-35 engine, 36-39 canopy details external, 40-41 and 44-47 more engine details, 42-43 winch and 48-51 mirror/aerials) plus two sides of colour schemes / decal placement. The decal sheet is now approximately half the size of the original (mine was of better register than original), for two schemes, Niederlandischen (Dutch) Marine 1965 and Franzusichen (French) Gendarmerie 1985."

"Both versions (original skid and new wheeled) can be built from this new kit, offering excellent value and level of detail."

9. If you're looking for details of Australian subjects, you can probably find what you are seeking in the Australian Plastic Modellers Association (APMA) magazine backissue listing.

10. John Noack, President of IPMS USA, posted this on the newsgroup rec.models.scale this week:

"Chuck Davenport and I are assisting MRC in some research in support of the possible release of a new 1:35 helicopter kit. We ask for your support and input. The kit in question would be the H-60 Blackhawk."

"Since there are a number of variants, MRC is trying to determine which version(s) would be most popular. Apparently there are significant variations in the basic fuselage shapes between the different models (UH, MH, etc) - can anyone verify this for me?"

"So, for you rotorheads out there, the two questions are:
11. There has been a sighting of KP kits repackaged in new boxes, along with a report of the Mil Mi-8 being issued in a "Hi-Tech" version, which presumably means the same old plastic along with some etched brass.

Thanks to Keith Goodman, Shane Jenkins, John MacGregor, Tish Swiecicki, and Pete Tasker.