Heli-Kit News #43, 27-Jun-99

1. World Air Power Journal #37 is now out, featuring the Mi-24 Hind. The 48 page article by Yefim Gordon and Dmitriy Komissarov details the development of the Hind from the Mil V-24 concept through to the latest generation of variants with Mi-28 rotors. This is followed by a history of the Hind in combat in various theatres, including a lot of first-hand accounts of operations in Afghanistan. All known operators are catalogued.

A 'Variant Analysis' of the Mi-24 was published in WAPJ #18 in 1994.

The other most useful sources of Mi-24 information for the modeller are the Four Plus book 'Mi-24 D,V,DU' which has a mass of internal and external detail pictures, and the Verlinden Lock On #16 photofile 'Mi-24W Hind-E Gunship'. On the net see also Ken Duffey's photos at Linden Hill.

2. The 'Variant Analysis' in the forthcoming World Air Power Journal #38 will cover the CH-47 Chinook and there will also be an in-depth article on the Kawasaki OH-1.

3. As well as the GAL decals for the Finnish Mi-4 and Mi-8 described last week, you can also get a decal set of Finnish Air Force cockades, 1945 to date, from Kuivalainen Decals. These are printed by Fantasy Printshop, and include over 150 cockades in 1:72, 1:48 and 1:32 suitable for the Mi-1, AB 206, H500C/D, Mi-4, Mi-8, Alouette II, etc., plus instructions. They are also available in the UK from Aeroclub.

4. The July issue of Scale Aviation Modeller International includes a review of the Galaxy (Fujian) Toy Co. MH-53J Pave Low III. The author confirms the Italeri origins of the mould and the fact that this kit is off lesser quality, but fails to make it clear that the kit is an unlicensed rip-off.

5. Also in SAMI is the news that the two InTech Mi-2 kits (Mi-2T & Mi-2 URN/URP) are now scheduled for release in September or October.

6. The August edition of Scale Aircraft Modelling will include a conversion article featuring the 1:48 Hasegawa Sea King and the Flightpath HAR.3 conversion parts.

7. Revell have released a selection of small (but not constant) scale helicopter kits: These are simple items somewhere on the borderline between kit and toy, consisting of a few plastic parts already printed with colours and markings, part of a series which already includes the V-22 Osprey, a 'commercial' Chinook, and a few others. Also newly issued is a box which includes the above three models plus a '3D diorama background'.

Thanks to Martti Kuivalainen.