Heli-Kit News #42, 20-Jun-99

1. Following on from their 1:72 Fa-336, Kora have released another in their series of weird German projects. The english text on this one reads "German W.W.II Helicopter-Bag". More enlightening are the words "Heliofly I & Heliofly III/57". These are back-pack helicopters developed by the Austrian Paul Baumgartl. The kit contains several figures wearing and carrying Helioflies in various configurations. You can see a very small scan of the box at GP Model & Hobby, who have it for US$16.50. The boxart is copied from the line drawings in the Schiffer book by Heinz J Nowarra 'German Helicopters 1928-1945.

Baumgartl Heliofly III/57 (from Schiffer Book)

2. This isn't exactly the latest news, but it came as news to me. There is a 1:48 kit of the Mil Mi-8 which is/was produced by Krugozor, Moscow, part of the Ogonyok toy complex. It has been in production for some 20 or 30 years, and may possibly still be in production. The kit does not have decals, has a crude box and is made of "typical Soviet plastic without details from the early 70's". But it's overall shape seems to be correct. If anyone is interested in the slight possibility of obtaining a copy of this kit - no promises - talk to Piotr Kasprzak.

3. Aerodrom, the Polish company which produced the 1:72 Westland Dragonfly, are releasing an HO3S-1 and an H-5G, probably this week. I don't know whether these will turn out to be simply decal variations on the Dragonfly kit, or whether there will be any differences in the moulding.

4. The GALDECAL sheets of Finnish subjects are now available. These are all 1:72 Finnish Air Force subjects printed by Fantasy Printshop, and include a double-sided A4 information sheet with decal placement, colour schemes, & recommended kits. Sheet No.2 has: The sheets are 7.00 each, from Ted Burnett at 19, Tintagel Close, Parkside Grange, Cramlington, Northumberland, NE23 9NZ, UK, or from George Lowe at 22 Gowanhill Gardens, Stirling, FK8 1SG, Scotland, UK.

5. MPM are inviting modellers to make suggestions for future kit releases. Prizes for good suggestions.

Thanks to Piotr Kasprzak, Martti Kuivalainen, and Ted Burnett.