Heli-Kit News #41, 13-Jun-99

1. I have information from Moscow which suggests that there are 1:72 resin kits, from an unknown but probably Ukrainian source, of the following Kamov helicopters: As I understand it each of these simply consists of a one-piece fuselage with the cockpit windows indicated just by panel lines, plus landing gear, rotorhead, and rotorblades.

2. Also from Moscow, I am told that the Amodel / Sky-High Ka-25 is now available (and very cheap, the equivalent of US$4). It is a Ka-25 Tse 'Short Horn' Anti-ship surveillance & targeting version. The quality is said to be very good in comparison with the Airfix Ka-25 and Zvezda Ka-29. There are many fine panel lines but no rivets, and the cabin doors are very thin with nicely moulded window frames. Decals are provided for USSR and Ukraine, and the instructions include technical drawings. I'm looking forward to seeing this myself.

3. There are some new Extratech 1:72 photo etched sets, including: 4. The new Mi-2 book from the publishers of the F-40 monographs is now in stock at Luchtvaart.

5. Luchtvaart also have the new version of the 1:32 Revell Alouette II, with wheels and markings for KL and (French?) Gendarmerie, kit #4449.

6. Hasegawa seem to have re-issued their Mi-24E #04021, with 6 crew figures and Soviet markings. Another re-issue of a kit which hadn't apparently been withdrawn!

7. Pete Tasker describes the new Kora 1:48 Fa.330......

"Approx 3" x 3" (fuselage frame, horizontal and vertical stabilisers/tail, blades, seat etc) brass fret, 3 resin bits (main rotor mast, parachute pack, & horizontal fuselage frame support) together with 4 metal pieces (rotor head etc). Single small instruction sheet (looks adequate) and no decals. Not a lot for the money but it does look quite good".

The instructions say there are no decals because the originals had no markings on them, which would appear to contradict the evidence of published contemporary photographs.

8. The latest releases from Hawkeye Models Australia are: The following are planned for September 1999: You can get an updated 1999 colour Catalogue showing the full range of Hawkeye decals and conversion kits for A$10 from: Hawkeye Models Australia, 6 Amaroo Cl, Blue Haven, NSW 2262, Australia. (02) 4390 8463.

9. Hawkeye are also listing Lee kits which are Chinese copies of western products, and Idea kits which are probably also copies, though I don't know this for certain: Thanks to Pete Tasker, Yevgeny Borissov, and Stephen Evans (Hawkeye).