Heli-Kit News #39, 29-May-99

1. Kora have released their 1:48 resin and etched brass Fa-330 rotor glider, #4802. Available from Hannants.

2. The Special Hobby Hiller UH-12 / H-23 is now scheduled for release in July. The June-98 issue of Scale Aviation Modeller International says that Special Hobby are intending to release the Flettner Fl-265 naval helicopter in both 1:72 and 1:48 later this year. The Fl-265 is currently available in 1:72 from CMR (resin) and Airmodel (vacform).

3. Also listed for 1999 release in SAMI are the following 1:72 kits from Zvezda: These two will presumably be variants of the existing Zvezda / Italeri Ka-29 mould, but with the earlier cockpit shape and other minor differences. 4. Reviewed in the above issue of SAMI are the Amodel Ka-52 and Mi-2, and the 1:48 Italeri OH-13S. The Sioux review contains some useful clarifications of the Italeri instructions, particularly with regard to building the British Army variant.

5. For some reason which I don't understand, Airfix and hence the modelling magazines are listing the SA.341 Gazelle as a re-issue this year. As far as I am aware it has never been away, and the latest boxing contains the same decal options as the previous issue - which is still available in the toyshops I have checked. It appears that only the box is different.

6. New from Argentina is a range of decals called CALC.AS. Sheet 001 is 1:72 scale, while sheet 002 is 1:48. Both have decals for 15 different Argentinian aircraft including the following helicopters: The decal sheets include all the unique markings for each option, plus a selection of Argentinian national insignia. CALC.AS are at: S.Novais, Malharro 324 Bo. Patagonia, Bahia Bianca CP.8000, Republic of Argentina.

7. Halo decals of Australia are planning to release 1:72 sheets for the Bell UH-1 and Bell 47G in Australian service. I don't have information on the variants or schemes covered, but the decals should be available in June or July. Details will hopefully follow in a later issue of HKN.

Thanks to Drew Graham.