Heli-Kit News #38, 22-May-99

1. I now have confirmation that all the Czech kits listed in HKN #36 are indeed available:
Aero Heli-Baby

2. Tom Young of Model-Aire International writes on the rec.models.scale newsgroup that he has just received the 1:72 resin S-76 kit from Hong Kong Creation Workshop. He says:

"Mixed bag, mostly good. Fuselage halves offer Matchbox-like trenches and the main rotor blades are one-sided, but that's about all that isn't nice about this kit."

"The clear parts are injection molded and are really nice. The small parts are real gems. Fit seems good, but I haven't gone that far on it yet. Decals by Model Graphics are very nice, especially the gold in the emblems. Instructions consist of paint schemes, parts layout and exploded view and are just fine."

"I liked it so much that I dropped them a line to see if MAI could afford to buy sets of parts and decals to market under our label. Shall let everybody know if it works out. Got mine in trade for first two volumes of ESM 72 and he subscribed to Vol.3. Sometimes being in the business end of modeling is gratifying."

The address is: Hong Kong Creation Workshop, P.O.Box 38045, Hing Fat Street Post Office, Hong Kong. I tried and failed to get hold of some of these about a year ago, at the time I was told that there no longer seemed to be any available in the shops, whereas before they had been plentiful. Let's hope Tom gets it together. I believe the decals are for one or more of the three Hong Kong Government Flying Service S-76C's.

3. MPM now list their forthcoming 1:48 Special Hobby Mil Mi-1 #4801, and in addition a new 1:48 Sikorsky R4 #4802.

4. Revell have released their 1:144 Ka-50 #4034. The box-art shows Yellow 22, the Black Shark demonstrator.

5. NKR are listing a new 1:72 TsAGI A-7 gyro, this time it's from Planet Models, bringing the number of different kits of this obscure aircraft to five (the other four are Kora, Yumtk, LF, & Czech Master).

6. In Japan, Hasegawa have released yet another variant on the Blackhawk theme. This time its a JGSDF UH-60JA, price Y1400 from Rainbow Ten.

Thanks to Petr Zaoral and Tom Young.