Heli-Kit News #37, 15-May-99

1. I can now expand on the listing of Hawkeye Models Australia products which was given two weeks ago in HKN #35.

Steven Evans the proprietor of Hawkeye tells me that they are the home of 2 of Australia's largest 1:72 scale R/C warships, the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise and the battleship BB-63 USS Missouri.

The company was started in 1997 when they first started work on the Enterprise. They came across the problem of not being able to get the SH-60F OCEAN HAWK and the HH-60H SEAHAWK so they decided to make up a conversion kit for the SH-60B Seahawks. The next problem was getting the decals for the carrier based helicopters. Nobody else wanted to do a decal set for them so they decided to try and make their own.

Since 1997 they have gone from 2 different conversion kits and 8 different decal sets to 13 different conversion kits and 92+ decal sets.

This is the full listing of Hawkeye's heli-products:
Seahawk Conversion Kits, 1:72
CS-1SH-60B with 90s upgrade (HSL)A$15
CS-2SH-60B w/FLIRS & 90s upgrade (HSL)A$15
CS-3SH-60F Ocean Hawk (HS)A$25
CS-4HH-60H Seahawk (HS)A$25
CS-5HH-60J Jayhawk (USCG)A$25
CS-6SH-60R Seahawk (not yet in service)

Seahawk Conversion Kits, 1:48
CS-1024 partsSH-60B with 80s set up (HSL)A$50
CS-1127 partsSH-60B with 90s upgrade (HSL)A$50
CS-125 partsSH-60B w/FLIRS & 90s upgrade (HSL)A$50
CS-1317 partsSH-60F Ocean Hawk (HS)A$55
CS-1423 partsHH-60H Seahawk (HS)A$55
CS-1518 partsHH-60J Jayhawk (USCG)A$55
CS-16l0 partsS-70B RAN Seahawk (pre Gulf War)A$55
CS-1712 partsS-70B RAN Seahawk (Gulf War)A$55
CS-18SH-60R Seahawk (not yet in service)

The 1:48 Conversion Kits and the 1:48 decals listed below are currently out of production because Academy no longer make the Blackhawk kits on which they are based. The Blackhawks are due for re-release soon under the Minicraft label, and production of the conversion kits may be resumed if there is a demand for them).

All Seahawk conversion kits come with moulded parts, instruction manual, photos, and your choice of decals (see below). These prices do not include postage.
Seahawk Decals, USN SH-60B, 1:72 A$8, (1:48 A$10)
DS-001HSL-40 'Air Wolves' HK (tailcode)
DS-002HSL-41 'Sea Hawks'TS
DS-003HSL-42 'Proud Warriors'HH
DS-004HSL-43 'Battle Cats' TT
DS-005HSL-44 'Swamp Foxes' HH
DS-006HSL-45 'Wolfpack' TZ
DS-007HSL-46 'Grandmasters'HQ
DS-008HSL-47 'Saberhawks' TY
DS-009HSL-48 'Vipers'HR
DS-010HSL-49 'Scorpions' TX
DS-011HSL-51 'Warlords' TA

Seahawk Decals, USN SH-60F/HH-60H, 1:72 A$8, (1:48 A$10)
DS-012HS-2 'Golden Falcons'NG (tailcode)
DS-013HS-3 'Tridents'AJ
DS-014HS-4 'Black Knights'NL
DS-015HS-5 'Night Dippers'NH
DS-016HS-6 'Indians'NH
DS-017HS-7 'Big Dippers'AC
DS-018HS-8 'Eight Ballers'NK
DS-019HS-10 'Taskmasters'RA
DS-020HS-11 'Dragonslayers'AB
DS-021HS-14 'Chargers'NE
DS-022HS-15 'Red Lions'AA
DS-023HS-75 'Emerald Knights'NW

HH-60J Jayhawk Decals, USCG, 1:72 A$8, (1:48 A$10)
CGDS-022Standard Markings
CGDS-023200th Anniversary Markings

The USCG 200th Anniversary markings were worn briefly during 1990 and consist of smaller USCG insignia (crossed anchors) with the text '200 Years Of Service' and a line drawing of a twin-mast tall ship. This takes the place of the more normal USGC insignia.

Seahawk Decals, RAN S-70B-2, 1:72 A$8, (1:48 A$10)
RAN-01HS-816 Sqn, 50th Anniversary (1998) Tiger Markings, with 4 colour photos.

Royal Australian Navy Tiger Hawk

You can get a 1999 Colour Catalogue showing all the decals and conversion kits for A$10 plus postage from: Hawkeye Models Australia, Stephen Evans, 6 Amaroo Cl, Blue Haven, NSW 2262, Australia. (02) 4390 8463.

And if you want to learn more about 1:72 Warship modelling in Australia, go to Task Force 72.

Thanks to Kevin Dunn, Steven Evans, & Shane Jenkins.