Heli-Kit News #36, 08-May-99

1. The excellent cyber-mag Internet Modeler carries a review of the Special Hobby TH-55 Osage in its May '99 edition.

2. As a result of the undercover shipment of an Aurora AH-56 Cheyenne and various plans and documents to the Czech Republic last year, it now seems that TWO new Cheyenne kits may be forthcoming towards the end of this year, one from Kora / RVHP, and one from MH Vacu, a company which I haven't come across before, but which appears again below.

3. Petr Zaoral's Virtual Heliport carries a link (Modely) to an extraordinary list of Czech heli kits, of which the following are as far as I know unknown outside the Czech Republic: I am waiting on confirmation that these are actually available rather than projected.

4. Here's a full list of the contents of the most impressive Isradecal 1:72 sheet #IAF-11 which was issued a week or so ago:
Hornet's Nest

The comprehensive 16-page instruction leaflet includes both drawings and photos, and all colours are given their equivalent FS numbers. The instructions also include templates for the yellow V's for each model. The decal sheet includes a full range of serials in the various fonts, plus a selection of Hebrew lettering to enable the individual names on additional examples to be modelled. Isradecal is Ranaan Weiss.

5. The latest Wings of Fame, #14, includes part 2 of an excellent article on USAF Search and Rescue, as well as the article about the AH-56 Cheyenne.

Thanks to Petr Zaoral and Giora Kuhanov.