Heli-Kit News #35, 01-May-99

1. I have seen the following extracts from the catalogue of the company Hawkeye Models Australia. All the Seahawk conversion kits come with moulded parts, instruction manual, photos, and "your choice of decals". It seems that Hawkeye make decals for "almost all" the USN Helicopter Squadrons, but I don't have details of these yet.

Also listed are some HH-60J Jayhawk decals, 1:72 A$8, 1:48 A$10 The address is: Steven Evans (Hawkeye Models), 6 Amaroo Cl, Blue Haven, NSW 2262, Australia. Tel: (61) 2-4390-8463

2. The EZ Masks set for the CH-46 / Labrador reported last week is in fact two sets, namely #116F for the Fujimi kit, and #117F for the Hobbycraft kit. The two are very different in cross-section, profile, and framing.

Scott Hemsley recommends Fujimi for all the Canadian variants: Although all these require some modification, they are certainly preferable to the Hobbycraft kit.

For an excellent set of detailed photographs of CH-113s, refer to IPMS 'Buzz' Beurling.

3. At the IPMS Scottish Nationals last weekend I spoke with Jean-Pierre Desprez about his plans for some more helicopter decals in the Model Art range. Several 1:72 sheets are coming, the first should be with us sometime in the coming summer. Subjects will include some or all of the following: HMS Endeavour Wasp, Brazilian Wasp, Aeronavale HSS-1, Tiger-striped Sea King, HMS Endeavour Lynx, ALAT H-21 "Banane", and Aeronavale Lynx. Also mentioned was a Super Frelon with a crocodile on each side of it, which would require two sheets.

4. Aircraft in Miniature seem to have dropped their plans to release a kit of the Hiller H-12E in their Rug Rat range, presumably in the face of competition from the imminent kit from Special Hobby.

5. Hannants are listing a 1:48 scale Mi-1 from Special Hobby in their advance orders list.

6. The Interavia Mangusta kit was released in the Ukraine this week. Linden Hill expect to have them in about two weeks. Retail price in the US should be around $11, or you can get them from Tushino Aviapress.

7. Here's a consumer's view of the Interavia HUP. "The mouldings are crisp, well executed, and flash-free. The transparencies in both kits are crystal clear and free of major defects. There are several dimensional differences apparent when comparing them with the Mach 2 kit. There are some simplifications and short cuts in the moulding, but nothing that we haven't been faced with before, and nothing that can't be cured with a trip to the spares box. The biggest problem I see is the completely hollow tail end. Everything aft of the cabin bulkhead is open, and there are no barriers to prevent the hollow-helo syndrome. Also, the decals are ****, regardless of which issue of the kit you look at; the blues are too pale, the whites are sure to be translucent, and the lettering and numbers are fuzzy edged and nowhere near the correct type-face. My overall impression is that the new kit is indeed superior to the Mach2, but will need a lot of work to make it 'contestable'."

8. The long awaited Isradecal 1:72 decal sheet is now available, #ISRA11 Israeli Air Force Helicopters. You get a 16-page instruction booklet and decals for 44 helicopters: AH-64A x 2, AH-1G x 2, AH-1S x 5, MD-500, Defender x 4, Alouette II x 1, Bell 47G x 1, S-55 x 1, S-58 x 2, Bell 205 x2, CH-53 x 8, Bell 212 x 4, Bell 206 x 4, Super Frelon x 4, SA565 Panther x1, Dauphin x 2, UH-60 x 1.

9. The publishers of Helicopter International have been having talks with the Polygon, the Russian publishers of the Mil book, with a view to translation and a re-print in the English language.

10. For some newly posted pictures of the H-37 Mojave, go here.

11. Scale Aircraft Modelling May-99 has a 3-page article about the Alouette III in Irish Air Corps service, most of which consists of useful detail pictures.

12. Wings of Fame issue #14 is out. This is the one with the comprehensive feature on the AH-56 Cheyenne.

Thanks to Scott Hemsley, Guy Holroyd, Graham Mansell, Tony Morgan, Pete Tasker, John Eaton & Kevin Dunn.