Heli-Kit News #34, 24-Apr-99

1. IPMS Austria have reprinted their sheet of 1:72 Österreichische Luftstreitkräfte decals. This includes decals for four fixed-wing aircraft plus the Alouette III and Bell 47 as follows: This sheet is available from the IPMS Swedish SIG, Ted Burnett.

2. Also now available from IPMS Austria are a 1:72 decal sheet for the Kleeblatt AB.206 Aerobatic display team and a resin OH-58 to Bell 206 JetRanger resin conversion set.
An Austrian in Paris

3. The 1:72 Alouette III decal sheet from Max Decals is now due in the shops about the middle of May. Printed by Propagteam, this will have decals for Irish, Argentine, Romanian, Greek, Dutch, Maltese, Nepalese, Danish, Indian, Pakistani and Swiss Alouettes, together with further markings for IAC aircraft including the St. Brendan door badges for the Dauphins.

4. Released this week are Eduard etched brass sets for the Monogram Mi-24 (exterior), #48-266; and the Revell Sea King Mk.41, #72-295.

5. EZ Masks of Canada have released a 1:72 canopy masking set for the Vertol H-46 / Labrador. I don't know whether this is designed for the Fujimi or Hobbycraft kits, it's not listed at their website yet.

6. News from Poland - the Mastercraft re-box of the KitPro Mi-8/17 which was announced at Nuremberg is now available.

Another Polish company, Wojas?, is re-releasing some or all of the 1:100 scale VEB Plasticart range which originally included the Mi-1, Mi-4, Mi-6, Mi-10K, and Yak-24.

Also from Poland, but somewhat less definite, there is hope that Techmod may soon make decals for the first Polish aircraft to have a low-vis paint scheme and insignia, the GROM (Operational and Mobile Reaction Group) W-3RM Anakonda 0510, as seen on p.4 of Air Forces Monthly, Nov-98. The fact that neither of the two kits available is a mainstream injection-moulded product is apparently causing Techmod to consider this project very carefully. (For the record these kits are the Top Gun resin and the Broplan vacform).

7. And now for a favourite topic - Italeri-bashing. It has been pointed out to me that decal #25 in the Italeri 1:72 Mi-28 Havoc #110, which consists of two words of red Cyrillic text (whose meaning is as yet unknown to me), contains no fewer than 6 typographic errors ! I have a bitmap showing the corrected text if anyone needs it.

8. The May-98 issue of Air International leads with an excellent article by Piotr Butowski called 'Kamovs for the Navy'. Among other treasures this includes valuable cockpit pictures of various Ka-27/29/31 variants, a cutaway drawing of the Ka-60, and the only colour picture I have ever seen of the Ka-10.

Thanks to Ted Burnett, Pawel Okulski, Tony Leger, Yevgeny Borissov, & Joe Maxwell.