Heli-Kit News #32, 10-Apr-99

1. The next brass set from Eduard will be for the Revell Sea King Mk.41, set #72-295.

Eduard have also released the first five sets in a new line called "Zoom!". Each contains about 20 of the most useful parts required for detailing; seat belts, aerials, instrument panels etc. They have a fine gun metal finish and a low, low price. (1.99 in UK). There are no rotary subjects yet though.

2. Lennart Lundh, author of the excellent Schiffer book on the H-34 which came out last year, posted the following on the rec.models.scale newsgroup this week:

"I'm in need of photos/slides of the following HH-52As to complete coverage for a book on the type: 1353, 1354, 1358, 1360, 1361, 1362, 1363, 1365, 1372, 1387, 1388, 1399, 1401,1403, 1417, 1420, 1436, 1439, 1444, 1452, 1457, 1458, 1461"

Lennart also tells me that "the HH-52A/S-62 book will be delivered to Schiffer at the end of the year. Based on their normal performance, that means we'll see it on the stands sometime after June of 2000. If you know anybody with HH-52A or S-62 photos/slides, especially the Japanese-built and -used J variant or the Thai S-62s, please let them know about this project. If I could get Mitsubishi or the Japanese military to answer my letters, I'd be a happy camper."

"There's also an H-2 book in progress, and one on US military helo "nose" art. No dates for those yet."

3. Heller have a 1:48 UH-1N 'Special Forces' listed for release in 1999, this will be based on the Italeri plastic.

4. TAC Scale Dynamics have announced 1:48 resin & etched brass kits of the Vertol H-21 and the Westland Lynx. The TAC Scale name is now owned by Cam Decals.

5. I'm not sure exactly when each of these were released, but I have just learned that Pavla make a line of resin cockpits which are said to be excellent quality and value: The only sources I know of for these are Misterkit in Italy and NKR in Australia, but surely they must be more widely available?

6. Yumtk/Interavia have a 1:72 Agusta A.129 Mangusta listed at the Tushino Aviapress website. As far as I know there is no connection between this and the forthcoming Italeri Mangusta, but enquiries are under way.

7. The Revell BK-117 'Medicopter 117' which has just been released comprises the usual two sprues first issued by Matchbox, moulded in lurid yellow, plus an new black sprue which carries a very nice and finely moulded winch, plus end plates for the skids which I assume are for standing on. The only new detail for the interior is a decal representation of some bits of medical equipment on some shelves. The methodology for the complicated colour scheme is a well thought out combination of painting and decals, but matching the red and yellow of the decals with paint will require some care.

8. Thanks to Tish Swiecicki for this in-box review of the recently released Amodel Ka-60 'Kasatka':

"Instructions come on one A4 folded sheet of paper folded in two, one side gives a description (not in English ), two sides of exploded construction drawings, well drawn!, and the last side gives side views of decal and colour placement. Decals include stencil data, the decals are good, but have a large carrier film which will need trimming. Parts come on six sprues, five white, quite hard plastic, totalling 109 parts, and one not-so-clear sprue containing 10 parts. Very little flash is present and parts are extremley well detailed for a limited run kit ( short run?) A complete cabin and cockpit with pedals, cyclic and collective sticks, separate doors and even door handles. The rotor head is in particular well detailed with a mass of parts. A very nice kit of a rare subject, even if it does look like the Dauphin!! with shrouded tail rotor."

To Tish's comments I would add that the clear sprue is a very great improvement over some earlier Amodel attempts, and will be perfectly usable. I should also mention that Mike Badrocke (he of the excellent Aviagraphica cutaways) is doing a cutaway Ka-60 drawing for the May issue of Air International, so anyone thinking of starting on this kit might want to wait a little while.

9. I have FINALLY received my Special Hobby Hughes 269A / TH-55A from Hannants. I note that the instructions tell you to construct quite a lot of the detail yourself out of stretched sprue and plastic card, but it shouldn't be a problem. I am very impressed with the quality of the resin parts and the vacform canopy in particular. The Propagteam decal sheet looks very nice indeed, and provides options for a US Army TH-55A (red), a Swedish HKP 5B (light olive), a JGSDF TH-55J (black), and two white civil aircraft D-HFAB and G-SHCB. This last one is owned by CSE Aviation and operated by Oxford Aviation Services.

10. More DELETIONS from the 1999 catalogues: Thanks to Tish Swiecicki, Ken Duffey, Lennart Lundh, Pete Tasker, Guy Holroyd, and Simone (Misterkit).