Heli-Kit News #31, 03-Apr-99

1. The new Eduard etched brass set, #72-285, for the Hasegawa Mi-24 Hind looks to be very comprehensive. It comes on two large brass sheets and one small one, plus the usual acetate instruments, etc., and includes everything you could imagine for every part of the model; cockpit, cabin, doors, rotorhead, landing gear, weapons, etc.

2. I'm still waiting for my Special Hobby H-55 to arrive (please extract digit, Mr. Hannant), but Tony Morgan writes that the "overall impression is pretty good. Nitpicks are as follows: only one canopy (no room for errors) that is split vertically on the centerline, and the injected bits are a bit thick. The resin parts are by CMK...therefore very nice, the decals are Propagteam...ditto, the canopy is very clear, but not collapsingly thin. The instructions are exceptionally good for a limited-run kit like this".

3. Blue Rider are advertising a "Slovene Air Force" limited edition decal pack consisting of BR801, BR809, IN-006, plus the Mi-8 sheet from Insignia Magazine #2. This gives you 1:72 decals for the SA.342 Gazelle x2, Bell 412 x3, Agusta A.109A, Bell 206B-3 and Mi-8, all for 5.

It is notable that the Bell 412 and A.109 decals were originally issued at a time when neither existed as kits!

4. The Flying Colours decal sheet for the Swedish Hkp4 was described in HKN #14. With the Delta Bits (HKN #27 & #28) conversion parts in the pipeline, the Swedish SIG now has more of these in stock. They can be obtained from Ted Burnett for 4.20 per sheet including (UK?) postage. The address is: 19 Tintagel Close, Parkside Grange, Cramlington, Northumberland, NE23 1NZ, UK.

5. From the same source you can also obtain a set of decals issued by IPMS Austria. The sheet has markings for 7 aircraft including the Bell 47 H-13H, AB 47G-2, and SA.316 Alouette III. Price is 5.30.

6. There is a new company called Hawkeye Models Australia who make a conversion kit for the HH-60J Jayhawk in both 1:72 & 1:48. The kit includes decals and retails at A$25 & A$55 respectively. According to the post on the rec.models.scale newsgroup, they also make 200th anniversary decals for the Jayhawk. For more information on Hawkeye, contact Kevin Dunn.

7. Another new company from Australia is Halo Decals. They are producing a range of Australian aircraft decals which will include a number of helicopter subjects. I don't know anything about these at present, except to say that they are reported to be good quality.

8. I have the faintest whiff of a rumour connecting Revell with the words 'Merlin' and 'EH.101'. I hope to have more on this later, but don't hold your breath.

9. Rainbow Ten are reporting the release of three 1:48 Blackhawk variants from Minicraft: #11621 UH-60L, #11622 MH-60G, and #11623 MH-60K. These are essentially re-releases of the Academy kits of the same models.

10. The Interavia 1:72 Piasecki H-25 is available in two variants, different only in their markings, namely the HUP-2 CH-25B with US Navy decals, and the HUP-2/3 with Royal Canadian Navy and French Aeronavale decals. They are available from Linden Hill for US$10 apiece.

There are just 26 injection moulded parts in a green plastic, plus another six clear parts...and that's it. Rotor detail is non existent, while the interior consists of two seats, an instrument panel and a bulkhead (no floor!), yet the main cabin door can be assembled opened or closed. On a positive note, the mouldings are very clean (apart from the clear parts, which have a bit of flash around them).

Thanks to Tony Morgan, Ted Burnett, Drew Graham, and Bill Strandberg.