Heli-Kit News #29, 20-Mar-99

1.The NeOmega cockpit set #C28 for the Italeri/Zvezda Ka-29 consists of 15 nicely moulded pieces of a peculiarly flexible dark blue resin. You get a cockpit floor, back-wall, ceiling and two sides, two seats, a pair of sticks, and the instrument panels sights, etc. in 6 separate parts. Since there are no instructions, assembly is initially rather daunting, but in fact it all goes together quite logically in the end (except for the tiny mystery part #15), and fits the space in the kit very well.

Neomega resin set for the Ka-29

It's certainly a vast improvement over the kit parts, and is also very different from the cockpit parts provided on the Part brass sheet #72045, which were rather less than convincing. The NeOmega set is available now from Linden Hill or Tushino Aviapress, or in the UK from Parade Miniatures.

2. 'Aviatsija i Vremya' issue 1/99 features the Mil Mi-6. This will be available from Lindenhill Imports and Tushino Aviapress.

3. The Special Hobby #7216 1:72 Hughes TH-55A is with us at last, it arrived at both Squadron ($8.96) and Hannants (6.50) this week, and is also available in Australia. Hopefully we'll have a first-hand review next week. Squadron also have the re-issued Testors H-43B Huskie ($7.96).

4. Last week I mentioned the new <FCM Decals sheet 72010, which includes an olive-drab FAB UH-1H, a camouflaged Brazilian Army AS 365 Pantera, and a grey Brazilian Navy WS-55 Whirlwind. I should also have said that this sheet is available in 1:48 scale, #48010, but minus the Pantera.

5. Latest news on the IPMS Ecuador decal sheet is that the project is nearly finished, and the contents are confirmed as 2 versions of Gazelle, 3 versions of Bell 206/TH-57, and 4 versions of SA.316/319 Alouette III.

6. Lastly, here's the contact details for Romerike Hobbysenter, source of the Norwegian Bell 412SP Arapaho and Sea King Mk.43B decals described in HKN #25: Romerike Hobbysenter, Stroemsveien 102, N-2010 Stroemmen, Norway. Tel: +47 64845740, Fax: +47 64845740, Contact: Lars Borge. The price of the Bell 412 sheet is NOK 40 (about 3.50), the Sea King one would be a bit less.

Congratulations to Westland and Agusta on their forthcoming union, and thanks to Kyrre Ingebrethsen, Drew Graham, Pete Tasker, Alfredo Jurado, and Gordon Upton.