Heli-Kit News #28, 13-Mar-99

1. An advertisement by Misterkit in the March issue of SAMI includes a listing for a 1:72 resin Agusta A.129 Mangusta from the long-established Cunarmodel, price t.b.a.

2. Last week I mentioned a Delta1:72 resin radar scanner to mount on the rear ramp of the Swedish Hkp.4 (KV-117) together with depth bombs for the same. The set will be done in a couple of months, and will include a Decca radar scanner as well as the radome on the rear ramp and the bombs.

Hkp-4's with depth bombs & radar scanner

3. Antony Morgan's Model Heli-Roto-Gyro-Page is born again and growing. Well worth a visit.

4. 'Official' Italeri release dates, the AH-1Z should be out about now: Incidentally, the single Ka-52 Alligator prototype, 061, has now been converted by a Kamov / Israeli consortium into another variant called the Ka-50-2, featuring Israeli avionics and weapons. This has been shortlisted by Turkey in their attack helicopter competition, along with the AH-1Z King Cobra and the AH-64D.

5. Shanghai Dragon will release a set of 1:35 US Helicopter Crew figures in July.

6. The Academy 1:48 Hughes 500D TOW #1644 and 500MD ASW #1645 are now available.

7. Having purchased the rights to the Modeldecal range, Hannants have re-printed some of the sheets which have been hard to find in recent years, including the following which modellers of British helicopters will find especially useful, and which are needed to supplement Modeldecal sheets for specific aircraft such as the Wessex: 8. FCM Decals of Brazil have released another sheet with helicopters on it. 72010 includes an olive-drab FAB UH-1H, a camouflaged Army AS 365 Pantera, and a grey Navy WS-55 Whirlwind N-7008.

9. Two weeks ago I mentioned a decal sheet from Matlan with the Mi-28 on it, 72-001. This turns out to be a misprint by Hannants, it's really the Mi-8. You get two options, a dark green Mi-8 (black 931) from East Germany, with roundels, warning arrows, SAR (pale blue on yellow), and a little stencilling; and a grey-green and ochre Mi-8 (93+53) from unified Germany, just the serials and warning arrows.

10. Hasegawa will release another special boxing of their 1:72 SH-60B in Japan on March 26th. This one is numbered DT144, and will cost 1200 Yen from Rainbow Ten. I don't know what markings it will have.

11. Here's an in-box review of the Special Hobby 1:72 Hughes TH-55A 'Osage': "This is a miniscule kit similar to the Pavla Robinson R-22...but a lot better! There's just one sprue of 28 small 'limited run', flash free, injection moulded parts. As well, there's a vac form cabin 'bubble' (in two halves), a full resin cockpit (seats, controls, instrument panel etc.), a resin engine and a set of Propagteam decals with markings for five aircraft... U.S. Army 1964, Swedish A/F 1988, Japanese Defence Force and 2x civilian versions. Although small, the detail in this kit is excellent...and there's no photo etched parts to drive you up the wall!"

12. Isradecal hope to have the long-awaited 1:72 version of their Israeli Helicopter decal sheets back from the printers next week, so they should be available in two or three weeks.

Thanks to Glenn Ashby, Pete Tasker, Raanan Weiss, and Tony Morgan.