Heli-Kit News #27, 06-Mar-99

1. Having been announced over a year ago, the Neomega 1:72 Ka-29 cockpit set #72019 for the Zvezda/Italeri kit is now set for release in the second half of March. It should be available from Linden Hill in the USA and Parade Miniatures in the UK, not to mention Tushino Aviapress in Russia.

2. I now have further details about the upcoming decals from IPMS Ecuador. Among various fixed wing subjects on the first sheet, to be available in both 1:72 and 1:48, there will be two Army Gazelles, one from before and one from after the 1995 Cenepa War with Peru; and Bell 206 / TH-57A's with one FAE version and two from the Navy in pre- and post- Cenepa war colours. They are also evaluating the possibility of including Alouette IIIs in four versions; 3 FAE and 1 Navy.

Ecuador 'Lizard' Gazelle

Next up will be a roundel, flashes, and lettering sheet for many other Ecuadorian aircraft including the Sikorsky UH-19B. Another project on the drawing board is for the Mi-8/17 in Latin American service: Mexico, Nicaragua, Cuba, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

3. The A-model Ka-60 is now available. There should be a quick review next week. Initial reports suggest that A-model are improving.

4. Here's an update on what Delta Aviation Publishing are planning for their UK Special Forces decal sheet. It will include the serials for the two ex-Argentine A.109's, a Scout, and possibly also the Chinook from Desert Storm, the Wessex "Humphrey", and maybe the Sea King that was burnt out in Chile while deploying an SAS team to go into Argentina. If anyone has any other ideas then please get in touch with Glenn at Delta, especially if you have good references!

5. The supply situation for the Cobra Company H-43 Huskie sets seems to have changed again. Earlier this week Chris Miller posted the information that: "We have a very limited number of sets for sale. This set was going to enter production for distribution but is being cancelled instead. The assembled sets are made from test runs of the metal parts and resin pre-release production. Once these are sold, that's it."

In a separate post, Cobra Co. stated that they have their 1:48 SH-60/Jayhawk kits in progress, but that they will be to customer order only or perhaps sold at IPMS events or local club contests. "Widespread distribution of these kits is beyond our capability."

In response to a question about H-53 stuff, Chris pointed out that Meteor Productions sells cockpit updates for the CH-53 and MH-53J Pave Low in 1:48th scale along with a weapons set for the Pave Low under the Cutting Edge label. Two things Cobra Co. have thought of adding would be a new vacuform clear nose and a detailed rotor head for the 1:48th Revell CH-53, those would be available from Cobra Company and their distributors.

The Pave Low conversion distributed under the High Flight name was originally mastered by Sherman Collings (of Cobra Co.). He retains the originals for this set and the agreements to produce this set are null and void. They intend to update the set and release it under the Cobra Company label.

6. Here's a bit of news from the latest Swedish SIG newsletter: Delta Aviation Publishing are to issue a 1:72 resin radar scanner to mount on the rear ramp of the Swedish Hkp 4 (KV-117) together with depth bombs for the same.

7. First of the new releases from Italeri will be the 1:72 AS.532 Cougar (held over from 1998), and the 1:48 AH-1Z Cobra, both now due March/April.

The April issue of FineScale Modeler includes a new kit release list which includes the following four items:

8. The 1:48 AJP Maquettes "Helicoptre Paul Cornu" announced in April '98 is still alive, as is the 1:72 Mil V-7 from Unicraft announced in October.

9. Somebody called Trevor Gringans Ltd. will release a 1:48 UH-1H with New Zealand markings. (A remarkably similar sounding proposal involving a company called Flying Kiwis was announced in SAM last year, but that was to have been the 1:72 Hasegawa UH-1H). PO Box 76-156, Manukau City, Aukland, New Zealand.

10. Rotorcraft, producer of the resin HU2K/HU-2A conversion for the Airfix Seasprite, are listed as follows: Suite 120, Postnet, Private Bag X11, Craighall 2024, South Africa

11. A company I've never heard of before, Kitboy, have announced the following extraordinary selection: Kitboy's address is: Palackeho 470, Roznov 75661, Czech Republic

Thanks to Drewe Manton, Alfredo Jurado, Pete Tasker, Glenn Ashley, and especially to Tony Morgan.