Heli-Kit News #23, 06-Feb-99

1. SSGT Dave Roof, USMC, posted the following info on the rec.models.scale newsgroup on 03-Feb-99. (I have cut out the fixed-wing subjects.)

In the next few months I will have my first decal sheet printed. It will be the first of many all-new sheets of subjects that have been long ignored or of aircraft that have been overlooked. The decals will be marketed under the name ORION Decals. I will NOT cover any specific markings that have been done by others. The following is a list of the first sheets that will be done : These will be thoroughly researched to bring you the most accurate markings of these outstanding War Horses.

2. I have now seen the new 1:72 Canadian Helicopter decal sheet #BD3 from Belcher Bits which was detailed in HKN #21. There are serials, roundels, and titles for each of the 20 options, a few stripes and flashes, plus painting diagrams and instructions. Printing quality looks excellent. Mike includes a note which reads....

"There is an error on this sheet (the fuselage numbers and roundels for the H-34 scheme are missing a white surround). There is an errata sheet being printed to correct this. You can obtain the errata sheet by either contacting Belcher bits....or by visiting the shop where you purchased this sheet. It should be ready by the end of Feb 1999, and of course there is no charge".

Full marks to Mike Belcher for going to these lengths to correct the mistake.

3. The Whirlwind float set from Delta Aviation Publishing is illustrated on page 110 of the Feb-99 issue of Scale Aviation Modeller International, which also carries reviews of the Glencoe 1:32 McDonnell XV-1 and the Pavla 1:72 Fa.330.

4. Colin Burgess (aka Rotorcraft, also a professional model-maker and Chairman of IPMS South Africa) tells me that his imminent 1:72 Wessex HAS.3 resin update set will not be as illustrated in the Jan-99 issue of SAMI. This was a pre-production prototype. He has re-worked the whole thing to make it even better. Colin also has two other exciting projects in the works, but they are TOP SECRET.

5. In the previous issue of HKN I mentioned a 1:72 H-25/HUP-2 from Interavia. It turns out that Interavia are a Russian company, and Linden Hill will be importing a very limited quantity. I anticipate they will also be available from Tushino Aviapress.

6. Many of the 1999 catalogues are now available and we can start filling in some of the gaps in the released and/or leaked news. For a start I hear that the Revell Germany 1:72 Agusta A109 K2 will have markings for REGA (Swiss Air rescue service). One of our contributors hopes to post scans from the Revell and Italeri catalogues at his website this weekend, I'll circulate the URL in the next issue.

Thanks to Colin Burgess, Adam Cooper, and Guy Holroyd.