Heli-Kit News #21, 22-Jan-99

1. I have yet more information about the Brazilian decals from FCM Decals. As well as the sheets listed previously in HKN, they have details of a reboxing of the 1:50 Heller AS.350 kit by a Brazilian company called HTC Modelismo, complete with a decal sheet by FCM with these Esquilos on it: There's also a 1:48 / 1:50 decal sheet in preparation, #48-01 SA, which among various fixed-wing subjects has an Esquilo from Paraguay.

I have obtained FCM sheet #72-07 from Hannants, and I can report that the printing is good quality and the finish is high gloss. The decals for the Naval Jetrangers N-7023 & N-5052 consist of serials, titles, roundels, badges, and warning arrows. Likewise for the SH-34J 'Baleia' (whale) serial 05 (which the instructions show with a bent-leg undercarriage, whereas the Schiffer book shows they were V-leg). The SH-3D N-3030 however also comes with a comprehensive set of stencils running to about 30 items for each side of the a/c.

2. Guy Holroyd is pretty sure that Sergey Svinkov, the editor of M-Hobby, told him that Amodel were doing the Ka-62 after the Ka-60 'Kasatka' (killer whale?) which is due for release about now.

3. Guy also tells us that Sergey Babich (the man behind Linden Hill Import's resin Tu-160 kit, whatever that might be) is producing a 1:72 resin Ka-15 for his own Master-Club label. Linden Hill should have a couple in March. It'll probably be expensive though as Sergey says he has to import his resin at sky-high prices.

4. There's an extraordinary set of nine Quicktime movies of early helicopters and autogyros at the NASA Langley Research Center.

5. In HKN#14 I reported that Delta Aviation Publishing are offering a set of resin floats for the Airfix HAS.22 Whirlwind to convert it into a SH-19B, price 8.50, part #DB5041. I can now add Delta's address which is: 38 Hawksley Ave, Hillsborough, Sheffield, S6 2BE, UK.

6. The new F-40, issue #33, on the UH-1D Heer is now available from Midland Counties Publications.

7. Coming soon from Academy, more versions of their venerable 1:48 Hughes 500: 8. And some re-releases of these 1:72 Esci kits: Unless ESCI have made some drastic changes, the last of these bears little resemblance to an actual Ka-50.

9. The Hiller H-12E formerly known as Aircraft in Miniature will actually be released under AIM's Rugrat label, will be item #01003, and will cost 22 in the EEC.

10. Belcher Bits has released his Canadian Helicopters 1:72 decal sheet #BD3. (Hooray !). This sheet has every a/c provided on the two 1:48 scale sheets #BD1 and #BD2, plus an RCAF H-5. Specifically, there are markings for HO4S (2), CH-124 (3), H-5, H-19, H-34, CH-136 Kiowa (4), CH-139, CH-118 Iroquois (3) and CH-135 (4) ... twenty schemes in all. Price is $8.49 Canadian.

Belcher Bits decal sheet BD3

11. HKN really is now published and archived at The Interesting Aeroplane Co. (apart from the legendary and possibly mythical issue #7).

Thanks to Alexandre Zart, Guy Holroyd, Petr Zaoral, Pete Tasker, and Mike Belcher; and to Pedro Soares for translation services.