Heli-Kit News #20, 15-Jan-99

1. A little more news about F.40 magazine. The imminent Mi-2 issue reported previously will be #2 in a series about the aircraft of the former East German Nationalen Volksarmee (NVA). Also on the list for imminent release in the regular series is an issue featuring the UH-1D in Heeresflieger service, to go with the existing UH-1D Luftwaffe issue.

F.40 is available in the UK from Midland Counties Publications.

2. The Brazilian company FCM Decals, have most of their decal sheets illustrated, along with a list of sales outlets including Hannants in the UK, Flightdecs and Airline Hobby Supplies in Canada, and a long list of Hobby shops in South America, some of whom appear to have an Internet presence which I have yet to investigate.

3. Another potentially useful airfield accessory which has appeared recently is Kendall Model Company's resin #48-5105 Soviet/Czech Starter Cart which they suggest for the MiG15, MiG17, and MiG21. Whether or not this would be an appropriate accessory for any 1:48 Soviet/Czech helicopters I can't be sure, but it'll probably look pretty cool.

4. Jonathon Mock tells me that Heli-kit News really will be available at The Interesting Aeroplane Company any day now (Honest, Guv !), possibly even with pictures.

Thanks to Frank Herkenhoff and Alexandre Zart.