Heli-Kit News #19, 08-Jan-99

1. Michael Benolkin has posted a redesign of the HH-43 Huskie website with additional photos and more colour schemes for your reference whenever the Testors release of the 1:32 Huskie occurs:

2. Romerike Hobbysenter near Oslo, in conjunction with IPMS Norway, sells a sheet of decals for the Norwegian Bell 412 Arapaho in 1:72 scale. More on these when I have obtained a sample. Meantime there is a fine set of photos of the Arapaho at IPMS Norway

3. Following on from their HUK2-1/UH-2A Seasprite, the second resin conversion set from Rotorcraft is previewed in the January '99 issue of Scale Aviation Modeller International (SAMI). This is a set for the 1:72 Revell Wessex HAS.3, and comprises a set of seats, a new nose and lower engine bay, complete fuselage underside, radome, and cabin door refuelling point. Price unknown at present. Enquiries to Rotorcraft, Suite 120 Postnet, Private Bag X11, Craighall 2024, South Africa, or email Colin Burgess.

4. Confusion on the A-Model front: Hannants list A-Model's forthcoming release #72-19 as a Kamov Ka-62, while Pol Models list it as a Kamov Ka-18. Both are agreed however that #72-18 will be the Ka-60. My vote is for the Hog !

Pol Models are a small London firm run by John Polonczyk which specialises in imports from Eastern Europe.

5. Gordon Upton reports that his Neomega resin website has moved.

6. Pete Tasker has managed to get hold of a copy of the 1:48 Smer Mil Mi-2 from a source in the Irish Republic. He says "It's a snap-fit kit or 'Kliklak' as it says on the box. The overall shape is pretty good though the shape of the cabin door windows is a bit suspect. The transparencies are the click fit type that cover two or three windows from the inside in one go. Overall the detail is 'less' than basic. 29 parts with decals for a Czech Police aircraft. One for the back of the loft and definitely not recommended as the amount of work involved to bring it anywhere near half decent just doesn't bear thinking about. That said the quality of the moulds is actually very good indeed and the clear plastic commendably clear. Might make it one day but only if nobody brings out a better kit in the next twenty years."

7. Seen in the Jan-99 issue of SAMI is a tidy looking 1970-to-present French Air Force Ground Power Unit from Model Art, more familiar for their decals. This comes as 11 resin and 46 etched brass pieces, plus decals, and is appropriate for all French Air Force aircraft except the Mirage (it says here). Some of the brass makes aircraft access ladders, but there's a lot of detail for the GPU there as well. Item MA Kit 003, Price not known at present.

8. Star news of the week (another H-34 scheme for me) is a new range of decals from Brazil for a wide selection of Brazilian aircraft both military and civilian, including a number of choppers. The makers are FCM Decals, and they cost 7 per sheet from Hannants. There is some ambiguity between their website and their mailing list, but as best I can tell the sheets of interest are:
Thanks to Kyrre Ingebrethsen, Michael Benolkin, Gordon Upton, Pete Tasker, and all others who have contributed.