Heli-Kit News #18, 01-Jan-99

1. The Polish magazine MODELARZ issue 12/98 has detailed plans in 1:24 for the Polish built BZ-1 SP-GIL and BZ-4 ZUK, as well as a supplement to the previously published PZL W-3 SOKOL plans (they have also published plans of the Mi-28 and Ka-50, all in large scale).

In March 1998 a Polish modellers magazine carried news of Top Gun kits of the BZ-1 and BZ-4, as well as the PZL SM-2, but there's been nothing further about them since then.

There is some information about the BZ-1 & BK-4 at Pawel Okulski's website, where you will also find the JK-1 Trzmiel and a nice gallery of Polish (and other) rotorcraft.

2. As well as the new Eduard interior detail set #48-267 for the 1:48 Monogram Mi-24 Hind, there will also be an exterior set, #48-266.

3. The 'new' 1:72 Revell UH-1D Heer #4444 can now been confirmed as coming from the same made-in-Korea mould as the 1994 UH-1H gunship #4407, which itself was a somewhat re-tooled version of the older Hasegawa UH-1D/H . The armament is still supplied though it isn't used. There are various extra bits and pieces added to the two original sprues, plus two extra sprues, one bearing a set of cabin seats for a transport version, the other a set of stretchers and an oxygen bottle rack for an ambulance version, plus two new bubble windows for the cabin doors. The instrument faces are moulded onto the panels rather than being provided as decals. The painting instructions are a disaster area - one of the camo colours is missing from the shaded drawings, and the serials on the decal sheet are different from those in the instructions. There is no indication which serials correspond to the transport and ambulance versions, one can only guess that the one with SAR markings would be more likely to have the stretchers in it.

Thanks to Pawel Okulski and all others who have contributed.