Heli-Kit News #16, 18-Dec-98

1. F-40 should be releasing a monograph on the Mi-2 'towards the end of the year' (does this mean 1998 or 1999?). Provisional price in the UK is 9.00. F-40 monographs are in German with English picture captions, and usually run to 40 pages with 6 or more in colour. Each one gives the full German service history of every aircraft of the type, and is very extensively illustrated. Previous releases on rotary subjects have been: 2. The re-released resin HR Models Focke Achgelis Fa-225 #HR7210 is now available, 13.50 from Hannants.

3. New from Cutting Edge is #48-38, a resin set of Sea King short sponsons & radomes. This contains two resin sponsons and two radomes, one the narrower domed HAR.3 type, the other the broader flat topped type suitable for the HAS.6, among others. Available in the UK from Hannants, 12.95, where there's a picture of the bag and contents.

4. The Cobra Company 1/32 Kaman HH-43 Huskie is extensively reviewed and illustrated by Michael Benolkin at IPMS Albuquerque.

More information on the HH-43 Huskie, including a color walkaround, can be found at the Kaman HH-43 Huskie Home Page.

5. The new issue of the Russian magazine M-Hobby is published in Moscow this week. It features a major article with 1:72 scale plans for the Ka-15, the first Soviet shipborne helicopter. Linden Hill will have it the first week of January.

6. Polygon's next book, '50 years of Kamov' should be published in late January. This will be in the same style as the 'Mil Story' Polygon release and is being compiled with the full support of the Kamov OKB.

7. The Linden Hill website will soon add the Mi-24 to its photoarchive. Guy says "Good old Ken Duffey has kindly provided us with some new pictures of Czech Hinds sporting some wizard new camo schemes."

8. Another book that sounds quite promising is 'The First Helicopter War : Logistics and Mobility in Algeria, 1954-1962' by Charles R. Shrader. Scheduled for publication in June 1999. Information from Amazon.

Thanks to Pete Tasker, Guy Holroyd, Ken Walker, and all others who have contributed.