Heli-Kit News #15, 11-Dec-98

1. Chris Miller of Cobra Company has been in touch with Testors about the much delayed re-release of the H-43 Huskie. He was advised that the mould for this kit had been damaged and needed repair. Because of this, it was removed from the injection schedule. Once repairs are completed it will be inserted back into the injection schedule. The kit is now listed in the 1999 Testors catalogue.

Meantime, Cobra Co have formally announced their resin cabin & cockpit update set for this kit. It will be #32-004, and in the UK it will cost you £39.95 from Hannants.

Also new from Cobra is #48-016, a UH-1N Marine Huey update for the Italeri UH-1N, cost £15.95 in the UK.

2. Yet another set of Mi-8 decals from Blue Rider, this time it's an example from the Macedonian AF, along with an An-2 Colt. #BR812, $6.95 from Squadron.

3. The Isradecals IDF/AF helicopter decals in 1:72 scale have got one step closer in that the sheet now has a number, #IAF-11, and a description of sorts: "all the above (i.e. the 1:48 ones), plus Super Frelon, Dolphin, and Panther".

4. Further to the news in HKN #14 about Aztec Decals, the Latin American Blackhawk decals are available in both 1:72 (#72-002) and 1:48 (48-004), and furthermore there is also a sheet of MD 500/530 Defenders in three different scales (#72-003, #48-005, and #35-001). It turns out that these are the same superbly detailed sheets that have been produced under the ARMME label for a year or more, though they have scarcely been seen outside Mexico.

The decals are illustrated at the Aztec Decals website, which also has prices and ordering instructions.

5. The new Italeri 1:48 OH-13S has definitely been released in Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Poland. Not suprisingly it sounds as if it is purely a scaled-up copy of the 1:72 version. I wonder if the tail boom strut thickness has been kept down to bring it closer to true scale? Markings variously reported are for RAF, Italy, and US Army.

6. More news on the Danish S-61A-1 resin conversion set. The maker is Albert Tureczek, and the product can be obtained from Vestjysk Hobby. There is a Danish Lynx conversion set as well. The Sea King set costs 180 DKr and the Lynx set costs 150 DKr.

Albert is now working on an updated version of the S-61 set. The new set contains the contents of the old one, plus plugs for lengthening the fuselage for making an S-61N, the Danish interest being that the S-61N is used by Greenlandair (Grønlandsfly) on domestic flights in Greenland.

7. The previously announced Amodel Ka-60 kit (#72-18) is now shown by Hannants on their Advance Order list, and has been joined there by a Ka-62 (#72-19).

8. Going by the same Hannants list, the Aeroclub #V135 RN Westland Wasp conversion for the Airfix kit will soon be available. This item has been listed in the Aeroclub catalogue as a forthcoming item for at least two years. It will come with parts to make AS12 missiles for the Airfix Scout. How it will compare with the very similar (you would think) sets from Airwaves remains to be seen.

Thanks to Ruediger Landmann, Spook, Torben Magnussen, and all others who have contributed.