Heli-Kit News #14, 04-Dec-98

For your helicopter-modelling convenience, and with many thanks to Jonathon Mock, Heli-Kit News will now also be published at The Interesting Aeroplane Co.

1. Airwaves' next accessory set will be #SC72-101, which comprises AS-12 missiles, pylon & launch rails for the Wasp & Wessex, in resin and white metal.

2. The latest incarnation of the old Italeri 1:32 Bo-105 mould has hit the shelves. This time it's Revell's Bo-105 PAH 1A1 (KWS), #4442. KWS probably stands for Kampfwertgesteigert, which means 'with increased combat efficiency'. The Heeresflieger decals are for current examples based at Bückeburg and Fritzlar.

Here's a useful translator for Revell's German descriptions.

3. Correspondence on the rec.models.scale newsgroup about the S-61 in Danish service has revealed the existence of a resin conversion set to convert a standard Sea King into a Danish S-61A-1, which shares some distinctive features with the S-61N. There will be more on this in the next issue.

4. Further to the item about the 1:72 Aerodrom Dragonfly #EP05 in HKN #10 , additional details are now available. The kit is designed to build the Royal Navy WS51 HR.3, and comes with decals for WG724/'932'/LM, Lossiemouth station flight, RAF blue-grey, and for WG705/'913'/Cu, Culdrose station flight, dark sea grey over sky. This is a different mould from both the Mach2 and MPM Dragonflies, and is about equivalent in quality to the Mach2 version, though some of the parts are a bit better. Panel lines are engraved, but rather overscale. Overall the scale appears correct except that the rotor is rather large in diameter, even for the HR.3 (this is better than the Mach2 kit whose rotor is too small). Moulded in pale blue plastic, with alternative fuselage halves in clear plastic, the Aerodrom kit runs to 40 parts. Cost from GP Model & Hobby is just $2.90.

5. Another update concerns the 1:72 ZTS Plastyk / Starfix HH-3E Jolly Green Giant (see HKN #12 & 13). Quite by coincidence I was in Toys 'R' Us this week and there was the Starfix version on the shelf, price £1.99. The kit is #900/02, and comparison with the Aurora version shows that it is indeed a copy, as reported, though some parts have been moulded a little differently, for example the floor, cargo door, and canopy sections are separate in the Aurora one, but are integral with the fuselage in the Starfix. However, contrary to the remarks which were quoted earlier, the quality is a pleasant suprise. Admittedly the moulding is not quite so crisp, and there are some sink-marks which will need to be rectified, but considering that the Aurora will cost you something like 10 times as much, if you can find one at all, the Starfix looks like a pretty good deal, and is certainly preferable to the only other readily available kit, from Lindberg.

6. Also seen in Toys 'R' Us was a package from Testors called "Fighting Helicopters!", which consists of the Italeri AH-1W, UH-1B, and AH-64, along with six pots of acryllic paint, three brushes, and a hobby knife, item #4056, cost £24.99.

The following six items (6-12) are from the Dec-98 issue of Scale Aviation Modeller International (SAMI), which also has a review of the Pavla R-22B and colour pictures of some of the winners at the recent IPMS UK Nationals, including a Sea King, an S-51, and an Mi-4. As far as I could see from a quick browse through the December issue of Scale Aircraft Modelling (SAM), there's nothing of rotary interest in it at all, even their IPMS Nats pictures are in fuzzy monochrome.

7. There's a re-issued decal sheet from Flying Colors Aerodecals, for the Swedish HKP 4B (Boeing-Vertol 107-II), with two alternatives: The paint scheme for both these is the light green, dark green, black, and brown splinter camo pattern, for which complete painting diagrams are included. Sheet #72-101 is available from Flying Colors Aerodecals, Box 3038, S-172 03, Sundbyberg, Sweden, or from the IPMS UK Swedish Air Force SIG - Ted Burnett, 19 Tintagel Close, Parkside Grange, Cramlington, Northumberland, NE23 9NZ, UK. Don't forget to send an SAE with any enquiry.

8. A new decal sheet, this time from Dutch Decals, is #72034 for Koninklijke Marine aircraft - Sea Otter Mk.II, Sikorsky S-55, Sikorsky S-58, and Agusta-Bell 204B. The helicopter options are: This sheet appears to have serials, titles, and stencilling for these Kon. Marine aircraft. The Dutch roundels to go with it are on sheet #72029, which has been re-issued. Dutch Decals are available from Hannants, the above two sheets priced at £4.99 and £5.99 respectively.

9. Delta Aviation Publishing are offering a set of resin floats for the Airfix HAS.22 Whirlwind to convert it into a SH-19B, price £8.50, part #DB5041. These were available at the IPMS UK Nats in October.

10. AMT are to issue a package of two 1:72 kits in their new 'Adversaries' range, consisting of a Hind and an Apache. Presumably these will be re-issues of the discontinued AMT/Ertl kits.

11. SAMI gives a little more information about the Intech PZL Mi-2 kits reported by Pawel Okulski in HKN #8. The Mi-2URP will be in Polish Air Force markings, and the Mi-2T will have Polish and Slovak markings. A review of another Intech kit in SAMI says that the decals completely disintegrated on contact with water.

12. Yet more decals. The Mexican company Aztec Decals has issued a sheet of markings for a variety of Latin American Blackhawks. There is some confusion in SAMI's description, but the scale is probably 1:48, and they will be reviewed in the Jan-99 issue.

13. Stan Klemanowicz in Los Angeles has reported that he received a spare part for an obsolete Fujimi kit by writing to the following address: Fujimi Corporation, 1-1-33 Miyatake, Shizuoka City, 422, Japan. They sent the part by Airmail along with several notices about new releases. Sorry, no choppers mentioned.

14. Belcher Bits 1:72 decals #BD3 (HKN #12) will be out by Christmas, listing for $8.49 Canadian.

15. Tony Morgan of Austin, Tx, tells us that Kendall Model Co. has released a set of resin 1:48 LAU-3 19-shot rocket pods, set #48-5102. These are intended for the Tamiya Skyraider, but would serve nicely on any 1:48th scale US chopper. Price is $3.98 from KMC or £3.00 from Hannants for a bag of five. The castings are very nice, althmugh they are moulded in such a way that while the tubes appear to be empty, one cannot see through them front-to-back. The pour stubs are relatively restrained, especially when one takes into account the fine details of the pod ends. Where Cobra Company moulded the pod ends separately on their 1/35th set, KMC has done it all as a one-piece shot.