Heli-Kit News #13, 26-Nov-98

1. The origins of the ZTS Plastyk 1:72 HH-3E Jolly Green Giant have been clarified. The information I have from Poland is that it is made in Israel, which means that it can be none other than the Starfix one. I don't have any experience of Starfix myself, but a search through the rec.models.scale newsgroup archives reveals that their kits are very rough copies of other kits, in this case probably the Aurora one. To quote one post that I found: "quality and fit - appalling".

2. Scans of the new Revell 1:72 Sea King parts, decals, instructions, etc, and a photo of the real thing, can be viewed at Adam Cooper's AAA website.

Examination of the parts in the kit leaves a lot of scope for speculation about the plans that Revell may have for other Sea King or S-61 variants from these new moulds, but there is nothing definite as yet.

3. Revell have revealed that the new 1:32 Alouette II # 4449 will come with decals for France and the Netherlands, and with a winch which wasn't there in the Heeresflieger version.

4. The forthcoming Italeri 1:48 Bell OH-13 Sioux #857, announced recently in Chicago, will be available in Jan-99, price in the UK 7.99. That probably means March at the earliest.

5. The ExtraTECH Alouette II now available in the Czech Republic, the price quoted by ExtraTECH is 540 Czech crowns/koruna, about 11 or US$18. You can order it from Matlan, Belgium, price 920 BF, about 16 or US$26. GP Model & Hobby (Krakow) hope to have it very soon too.

6. NKR in Australia (a major importer of Eastern European kits) are quoting prices of about A$15 for the upcoming Special Hobby Hughes TH-55A and Hiller UH-12(H-23). This is about 6 or US$10. A useful website this.

7. Linden Hill have added a nice Ka-25 picture to their photo archive. They are also about to stock the Equipage range of detailed resin wheel hubs with rubber tyres, as currently advertised inside the cover of Scale Aircraft Modelling, and also listed at Tushino Aviapress. At last count there were 15 different sets for 1:72 helicopters, and one for 1:48. The Ka-29/32 set is particularly useful for the Italeri / Zvezda kit, whose wheels are very much the wrong size.