Heli-Kit News #12, 120-Nov-98

1. More decal news from Canada, courtesy of Tony Leger, IPMS Ottowa, who says that Belcher Bits will soon be releasing a 1:72 decal sheet covering all the subjects already done on the 1:48 sheets #BD1 & #BD2 (H-19, HO4S, H-34, CH-118, CH-124, CH135, CH-136, CH-139). These 1:72 decals are currently at the printers.

2. A new item from Airwaves is a brass detail set for the Airfix HAS.22, #72171, 5.99. It's illustrated at Hannants website on their 'New Arrivals' page (as is the 4+ Wessex book mentioned in an earlier edition of HKN).

3. The following new Revell (Germany) kits are listed on Hannants 'Advance Bookings' page, in addition to those in the '98 catalogue: Also listed here are a number of other Revell helicopters in their Mini-Kit series of variable-small-scale kit-toys. The new ones are 'CH-46E' Chinook, AH-64, Tiger, and Mi-28.

4. The Special Hobby 1:72 Hughes TH-55A #7216 and Hiller UH-12 /H23 #72?? are also now in Hannants 'Advance Booking' list, so I suppose that makes it official. Special Hobby products are also listed and illustrated at MPM's website (though not these, yet).

5. Another item in the same Hannants 'Advance Bookings' list is an MPM's reissue of their Sikorsky S-51 kit #72036 (H-5/HO3S-1), described as 'Sikorsky Dragonfly upgraded with interior and crane MPM #72UPD'.

6. Pelta of Poland are listing a couple of new items in the ZTS Plastyk range:
All the ZTS kits I have seen to date are re-issues of old moulds, the Wessex will surely be the Frog/Novo one yet again, but I would dearly like to know the origins of the HH-3E. Perhaps someone in Poland could investigate this (Pawel ?).

7. David Fleming got the new Revell Sea King Mk.41 from Wonderland in Edinburgh this week. He confirms that it IS a new mould, and is enthusiastic about the quality generally and in the rivets and panel lines department in particular.

He goes on to say that the "kit is only for a German Mk.41 (with the 5 bladed tail rotor), but some flashed over windows suggest others to follow. As it is, you could build a HAS1 by cutting off all the moulded lumps and bumps for chaff etc."

"A more detailed look reveals that the chaff dispensers are moulded onto the fusealge, the nose radome is included, interior detail is good with seats and the navigator's station, and the floor has moulded detail."

"It's difficult to guess which other marks may be released. The fuselage halves have the rear cabin windows flashed over, so you have to open the holes up to insert the 'bulged' clear parts. The port half has two open windows and another two flashed over (5 in total). I would guess at perhaps an Danish S61 as a possibility. Nothing to indicate a UK version as far as I can see though."