Heli-Kit News #08, 16-Oct-98

1. The latest edition of the Polish magazine/monograph Przeglad Konstrukcji Lotniczych (#37) features the V-22 Osprey.

Previous editions of PKL with helicopter interest have been Mi-24D (#02), Gazelle (#24), and Apache (#35). While we can probably live without the Mi-24 and Apache issues, there being so many other books on these, the Gazelle issue is an invaluable resource for the pictures and interesting schemes alone. If you can read Polish, then it's even better (I expect).

Future issues will cover the PZK W-3 and the Ka-50. Thanks to Pawel Okulski for the full listing of PKL

2. Aircraft in Miniature's 1:72 Benson autogyro kit should be ready in time for the UK IPMS Nats. Its first incarnation will be X-25 (Benson B.8M) but it may appear in other forms in the future. The Hiller 12e Raven is apparently not far away but it won't be ready for the Nationals. Neil Gaunt plans to do a commercial Chinook conversion after these.

3. Just arrived at Rainbow Ten is a Captain Scarlet Spectram Helicopter from Imai, scale unknown, price 3000 Yen.

4. Eduard etched brass set #72-280 will be for the AH-1S Cobra, presumably to go with the recent Hasegawa kits.

5. Kora have announced a resin and etched brass Fa.330 Bachstelze in 1:48 scale, #4802.

6. Intech will soon be releasing two kits of the PZL Mi-2, according to the listing at Jadar Model's website. The first is a Mi-2T, the second is a Mi-2URP (it says URD, but that's probably a misprint, UR=Armed Rocket, P=anti-Tank). It's quite likely that these will be based on either the Aeroteam/Airex Promodel or A-model moulds, especially as the A-model instruction sheet shows rockets on the sprues which you don't actually get in the box. We shall see. Again thanks to Pawel Okulski for this.

Heli-Kit News will be on vacation next week while the team visit the Smoke and return via Telford. The subsequent edition will hopefully feature news from the IPMS UK Nationals.