Heli-Kit News #01, 10-Sep-98

The 1:72 Czech Master resin kit of theTsAGI A-7 Autogyro, #0319, is now available in the UK from Hannants, price 16.50.

Heli-Kit News #02, 15-Sep-98

The Russian magazine Aviatsya i Vremya (Aviation & Time) issue 4/98 has a feature on the Mil Mi-1 'Hare'. Previous experience with this magazine suggests it will be well worth the money for the plans & pictures alone. If you can read Russian it'll be a bonus.
Available in the US from Linden Hill Imports, US$9.00, and in Europe from GP Model & Hobby, US$5.90

Heli-Kit News #03, 15-Sep-98

The 1:72 Kora resin & etched brass TsAGI A-7 Autogyro, #7204, is now available in the UK from Hannants, price in the UK 13.99, export 11.91.

Heli-Kit News #04, 18-Sep-98

1. ZTS Plastyk of Poland have released a 1:72 Westland Sea Lynx, which claims to make a British Mk.2 or a Koninklijke Marine Mk.25. It is not known for certain whether this is a re-box of an old mould, but I strongly suspect that it is. You can see a picture of the boxart at Jadar, who are selling it for US$4.50.

2. Aircraft in Miniature report that the masters for their resin, white metal and brass 'Hiller 12e Raven' are well advanced. Also planned is a conversion set to build the commercial model Chinook.

3. World Air Power Journal #34, Autumn 1998, has an 18-page feature on the Agusta A.129 Mangusta, strongly rumoured to be figuring in Italeri's plans for 1999. The Air Power Analysis in this issue is on the Scandinavian countries, and a there's a 1-page article on the retiral of the Wessex HCC.4 from the Queen's Flight of the RAF.

4. Combat Aircraft magazine Vol.1 No.10, Oct/Nov '98, has a 7-page article on the USMC CH-53E, including useful underside and interior pictures. And there's a nice 2-page spread on the Mk.48 Westland Sea Kings of 40 Sqn. of the Force Aerienne Belge/Belgische Luchtmacht; decals (#23, for both 1:48 and 1:72) and authentic paints for these colourful birds are available from Daco.

Heli-Kit News #05, 25-Sep-98

Maintrack (UK) are producing 1:72 resin conversions for the Airfix Whirlwind, to make HAR.5 and HAS.7 versions. They are also working on a 1:72 Whirlwind white-metal detailing set. It is intended that these products will be ready in time for the IPMS UK Nats in October. I anticipate that the HAS.7 conversion will include the dropped tail-cone, broad-chord tail-rotor pylon, horizontal stabilisers, deepened belly, a dipping sonar and a torpedo. But a HAR.5 ? ..... Well, we shall see in October.

Heli-Kit News #06, 02-Oct-98

This is a quote (more or less) from an email sent to me this week....

"Awhile ago, feeling bored, I decided to e-mail Italeri with a question about some kit subjects, along with what I thought were fairly good pros & cons for their release. One of the subjects I listed was the Piasecki/Boeing/Vertol H-21/H-44 - the so called 'Flying Banana'. To my surprise I actually got a reply from them, or from someone monitoring their e-mail. In it they stated that in the 'next' year's releases, they plan no less than 4 versions of the H-21(1:72)."

So if it comes to pass, that's the Shawnee added to the Mojave and the Mongoose that we already heard about. Whoopee !

Heli-Kit News #07, 09-Oct-98

HKN #07 has got lost. If you see it, please give it 5 for the bus fare and send it home. You will be re-imbursed.